Experience: 1-3 years

Full time. Distance work is possible.

CS-Cart is a company based in Ulyanovsk that develops eCommerce solutions. Our main products are Multi-Vendor (CMS for marketplaces) and CS-Cart (CMS for retailers). More than 40 thousand of clients worldwide, including USA and UK, use our solutions. We also develop a cloud solution for marketplaces, and a mobile app that works with our CMS.

Our team consists of developers, QA engineers and technical writers. The main qualities we value are responsibility and ability to work independently. We pay a lot of attention to the staff development, so we are committed to the ideas of mentorship, tutoring and code reviewing.

Why work with us?

  • Become a part of the team where all the decisions are made together, and all the knowledge is shared.

  • Get the opportunity to influence processes in the team with no bureaucracy.

  • Work with highly professional team leaders who will help you to perform tasks and boost your skills.

  • Get your personal development plan for hard and soft skills.

What you will learn to do:

  • Work on a mass international product, not on individual projects.

  • Design and develop the maintainable architecture.

  • Automate workflows through continuous integration in TeamCity.

  • Work by Gitflow, do a code review and pair programming.

  • Monitor the backward compatibility through Semantic Versioning.

  • Use TDD.

  • Understand the Agile and work in a Scrum team.

Must haves:

  • Ability to develop apps for IOS and Android using React Native.

  • Ability to code in pure JavaScript (ECMAScript 6).

  • Experience with REST API and GraphQL API.

  • Experience in integration with Firebase Cloud Messaging.

  • Experience in uploading apps to the AppStore and Google Play.

  • Experience with Git.

  • Knowledge of Linux command line.

Nice to have:

  • Your own open source projects on GitHub or Bitbucket.

  • Experience of participation in open source projects.

  • Experience in creating web applications (HTML/CSS/JS).

  • Experience with ReactJS, Typescript, Flutter.

Essential duties and responsibilities:

  • Development and release of new features for products.

  • Profiling, optimization and refactoring of existing code.

  • Working through use cases for interacting with the mobile app interface.

  • Mobile app interface prototyping through interactive layouts.

  • Writing tests for the developed features.

  • API requirements engineering.

  • Keeping project dependencies up to date.

Don't want to waste time on a test assignment? Let's do some pair programming, and find out if we suit each other.

Have any doubts about your skills, or just want to learn more about us? Why don't we just talk? We will tell you about our company, and give you a clue what skills you should improve to work here.

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