Published: Sep 23, 2011 Last updated: Sep 23, 2011 Yan Kulakov

Electronic commerce, also known as ecommerce, basically refers to selling and buying products and services over the Internet. It has revolutionized the concept of modern business and changed the idea of locating on a certain territory and focusing on a particular customer audience. By transforming classic commerce into ecommerce, the Internet made it possible to grow any business more rapidly and get substantial profits with minimal initial investments.

ecommerce system

CS-Cart ecommerce store system

Are you ready to start your own online venture? Do you need an ecommerce store system that is easy to implement and use, yet reasonably priced at the same time? Do you want something that will make your online business experience easy and enjoyable? Then CS-Cart ecommerce store solutions can be a preferable choice for you.

CS-Cart Advantages

All our three currently available CS-Cart editions, including CS-Cart Community, CS-Cart Professional and CS-Cart Multi-Vendor are open source ecommerce systems that dramatically improve your development and management process while offering a secure and stable business environment. Built using 100% open source technologies such as PHP scripting, MySQL databases and Smarty template engine, CS-Cart can be tailored to any ecommerce project and meet the most specific client requirements.

ecommerce project

CS-Cart can be tailored to any ecommerce project

With any of our ecommerce systems you will get the most innovative and powerful tools and options to develop, manage and upgrade your web store: hook-based modular architecture, multiple built-in content management options, built-in affiliate system, multiple marketing and promotion tools, support of all major shipping providers, sales statistics, more than 50 payment gateways, AJAX technologies and more.

web developers

CS-Cart web developers keep up with the latest trends

Our web developers and programmers are working constantly on extending CS-Cart functionality to keep up with the latest trends and requirements. What's more important, you won't have to pay for our product license again and again, as it costs a flat fee and comes with the right to use our software with no limitations.