When building a full-featured online store, creative web design simply isn't enough - you will need a special software type to empower your website with the e-commerce functionality, or in other words, to make it possible to display and stock products, manage storefront, control inventory, register customers, receive payments, control delivery, etc. All these crucial tasks can be easily addressed by a special e-commerce program and CS-Cart.com is here to offer you one of the best tools for your related requirements.

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Webstore based on CS-Cart open source e-commerce platform

We offer all-in-one open source e-commerce platforms designed to meet even the most specific and complicated customer needs. We understand that your goal is not only launching an online project, but also turning it into a profitable venture that is capable to withstand a rather tough global competition.

Features Overview

There are plenty of advantages for entering the web market with CS-Cart. Our powerful, all-inclusive e-commerce platform can be the most deliberate choice for both start-up businesses that build their projects from scratch and those who already own websites, but need to add e-commerce functionality to them. Without specific programming and design skills you can build a comprehensive e-commerce project of almost any size, be it either a small online shop or virtual mall with numerous departments. Moreover, CS-Cart makes it possible to create and handle unlimited storefronts via just a single administration panel and therefore avoid spending a fortune on purchasing multiple licenses.

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CS-Cart functions with the most powerful e-commerce tools and features

CS-Cart software has over 500 eCommerce features out of the box, plus hundreds of third-party add-ons and themes on the CS-Cart app marketplace. Here are some of the highlights of CS-Cart shopping cart creator:

  • Convenient Admin Panel: CS-Cart features a straightforward admin panel. All the menus are conveniently placed and any setting is maximum 3 clicks away.
  • Promotions: In the Promotions section of the CS-Cart admin panel, you can construct promotions with lots of different conditions. Set the conditions a customer must meet to get a bonus, and the promotion is ready.
  • Reward Points and VIP User Groups: It’s important to keep your customers by your side. CS-Cart has a built-in loyalty system—Reward points. Give your customers points for purchases and they will return to your store again to spend them.
  • Visual Layout Editor: What if you want to rearrange information blocks on your store pages: move product filters to the right, add banners to the top, or show product reviews at the bottom? In most cases, you’ll have to pay a coder for this work. Not with CS-Cart. Its visual layout editor allows you to build page layouts by simple drag and drop. Experiment with layouts and save money.
  • Multiple Storefronts: With the CS-Cart’s multi-store feature, you can open more web stores without too much trouble. Add extra storefronts and manage them all as separate shops from a single admin panel.
  • All the Payment and Shipping Services You’ll Ever Need: CS-Cart features 70 popular payment services such as PayPal, Authorize.Net, First Data, 2Checkout, SagePay, and eWay. Eight world’s most trusted carriers, such as USPS, DHL, FedEx, and UPS with dozens of shipping variants are present in CS-Cart out of the box, too.
  • SEO Tools: CS-Cart has all the SEO stuff that Google loves: SEO-friendly URLs, canonical URLs, 301 redirects, Google rich snippets, and more.
  • Super Adaptable: CS-Cart has an open source code. It means you can adapt our shopping cart software to any needs: develop more features, your own storefront theme, integrate with new payment and shipping services, and more.
  • Supported and Frequently Updated: We release 6 upgrades per year in average. Patch releases fix issues and minor (or major) releases both fix issues and add new features. We keep CS-Cart up to date, protected from hackers, and compatible with the latest server technologies. We guarantee that your CS-Cart ecommerce store won’t ever be left behind.
  • Fully Controlled by You, the Owner: Once you buy CS-Cart—it’s all yours. You own it like you own a house and a car. No monthly payments. You have access to all the functionality: turn it off and on when you need it, add more features, and decide when to upgrade. CS-Cart is yours unlike SaaS solutions.
  • Fully customizable checkout page: Increase your conversions by designing the most effective checkout page for your business.

Based on the leading open source technologies, such as PHP, MySQL, Smarty template engine and many others, all of our solutions are packed with the latest and most powerful tools and features to ensure only positive e-commerce experience. CS-Cart powered web stores are both easy to manage and control for administrators and attractive and convenient for customers.

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CS-Cart powered web stores are easy to manage and control

In order to install any of CS-Cart Editions you need to take several easy steps: download and extract a particular package to your server, adjust all file permissions, run the installation wizard and you're done! What's also important, unlike many other similar products, with CS-Cart you pay only once and get full access to your software with no time limitations.

CS-Cart eCommerce platform has been mentioned in a number of articles and on multiple software aggregators as one of the most feature-rich yet affordable eCommerce solutions. Here's the score from CompareCamp.com:

CS-Cart makes a great, feature-packed solution for many businesses. Just the base program comes with a ton of extremely useful add-ons, and with the free packages from the marketplace, you’ll be well on your way. — Digital.com