Top 5 Help Desk Software Tools for eCommerce in 2022

Help Desk software tools help to capture, organize, and process customer queries online. Your Help Desk is a one-point contact for customers.

Usually, customer issues in Help Desk systems are organized via a ticketing system. Once a customer sends the query, your Help Desk creates a ticket and assigns it to a specialist in your company. Tickets have statues, titles, descriptions, tags, and other properties that help to identify the issue and fix it quickly.

Help Desk systems greatly save your time on managing customer queries and make customer communication convenient and more efficient.

We analyzed over 20 Help Desk systems on the market and made a list of the 5 most balanced solutions.

1. DoneDone

donedone help desk software

DoneDone is a simple yet efficient help desk software tool. The company was founded in 2007 in the U.S. This help desk system is perfect for small and medium-sized teams. Honda, Discovery Channel, and The University of Southern California are among their customers.

DoneDone is known for its simplicity. It has all the features you’ll need to organize your customer communications. No unnecessary “nice-to-have” features that you pay extra for in other enterprise tools. Here’s what DoneDone offers:

  • A convenient ticket management system. You can assign, resolve, and discuss customer tickets without messy email chains using DoneDone mailboxes.
  • Help Desk and project management combined. You can see who’s working on what and where you’re at in a glance.
  • Powerful reports. You can track customer service metrics and see your team’s performance and customer satisfaction.

Other help-desk-specific features include:

  • Custom filters
  • Tags
  • Priorities
  • History
  • Integrations
  • Public API
  • Auto-responses
  • Real-time viewing
  • Default signatures
  • Global search
  • And more.

DoneDone starts from $4 user/month. Customers evaluate DoneDone at 4.5 stars out of 5.

2. HelpDesk by LiveChat

helpdesk by livechat help desk solution

HelpDesk by LiveChat is a popular ticketing system founded in 2002 in the United States. This solution is suitable for companies of all sizes—from startups to enterprises. HelpDesk encrypts your data with a 256bit SSL protocol, which ensures a high level of security.

The feature set is pretty standard but it covers all the needs for sales and support teams:

  • Manage your email communications with customers. The system converts emails into tickets.
  • Communicate with your teammates and coordinate your communications with customers.
  • Automate repetitive tasks. The system greatly saves your time on routine activities.
  • Analyze customer support reports. This way you can make better decisions.
  • Customize your address and dashboard so that HelpDesk matches your workflow.
  • Integrate HelpDesk with LiveChat to help customers in real-time.

The pricing starts from $4 per month for one user and includes all the basic functionality—unlimited ticket history, email channel, basic reports, and 24/7 online support. They offer a free 14-day trial. Users rate HelpDesk at 4.5 stars out of 5.

3. SysAid HelpDesk

sysaid help desk program

SysAid is a help desk solution development company founded in 2002 in Israel. This one is pretty feature-rich and suitable for medium and large companies. Over 10,000 brands have been using SysAid since 2002, including Coca-Cola, Adobe, and IKEA.

SysAid Help Desk is quite a complex solution with lots of features:

  • Ticket management. The company states their ticketing system is the most extensive one on the market.
  • Self-service portal. Users can submit and track tickets, engage in an online chat, and use the knowledge base.
  • The knowledge base. Create a knowledge base with step-by-step instructions for customers and employees.
  • Easy password reset. Users can securely reset their passwords without the help of a system administrator.
  • Remote control. You can resolve customer issues from anywhere.
  • Other features include analytics, chat, automation, CMDB, and more.

SysAid offers custom pricing for enterprises depending on their size and other factors. For other companies, SysAid starts from $1,211 for 500 assets and five users per year. Users rate SysAid at 4.4 out of 5.

4. SherpaDesk

sherpadesk help desk center

SherpaDesk is a multi-software company that was founded in 2012 in the United States. They not only offer a help desk system but also time tracking, invoicing and billing, project management, and other software such as an employee leave tracker. All the products are cloud-based.

The help desk feature set is pretty standard:

  • Ticketing system with a quick email dropbox setup. The ticketing system includes related tickets, SSO for authentication, routing, and custom forms.
  • Service level agreements. Set and meet response and completion goals.
  • Alert and event notifications
  • The ability to use SherpaDesk as white label tool
  • Self portal to give your customers a personalized support experience
  • Remote assistance. Helpdesk techs can live chat with customers (and among themselves), open web conferences, open group sessions, share screens, share files, host Q&As, create slideshows, and initiate remote assistance sessions via email, and inside tickets.

SherpaDesk is free for one agent. For teams, the price starts from $39 per agent/month. Users rate SherpaDesk at 4.8 out of 5.

5. AzureDesk

azuredesk affordable help desk software

AzureDesk is a help desk software solution from the United States. The company is pretty young—it was founded in 2014. This help desk system is suitable for businesses of all sizes. AzureDesk was mentioned in the top 20 most affordable help desk solutions by Capterra in 2017.

AzureDesk’s feature set is pretty good. It covers all the aspects of a modern customer support system:

  • Ticket management. Nothing special here, just a robust ticketing system.
  • Email conversion into support tickets
  • Unlimited mailbox. AzureDesk supports an unlimited number of email addresses. All the incoming emails are automatically converted into tickets.
  • Support center. Your customers can get answers in your absence.
  • Third-party apps integrations: JIRA, Slack, and more.
  • Reports. See your team performance and customer satisfaction level.
  • Teamwork. You can mention your teammates and solve tickets together.

AzureDesk costs $33 per user a month if paid annually. Users evaluate AzureDesk at 4.5 out of 5.

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