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World Sky Aviation Academy, a Nonprofit from Egypt, Will Start a Marketplace on CS-Cart to Help Aviation Industry Workers

Within our support campaign, we help non-profit organizations start online marketplaces by giving them the CS-Cart Multi-Vendor license for free. World Sky Aviation Academy is a nonprofit from Egypt that starts a marketplace on CS-Cart to raise funds for supporting aviation industry workers that are dead in the water now because of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Amr Elbanna, World Sky Aviation CEO: We are a nonprofit that assists free workers that used to get paid daily in the aviation industry when they worked. Due to the global shut down and the cancellation of most of the flights worldwide, this group of people is now dead in the water. I am rushing to create a multi-vendor platform to help these workers by establishing a marketplace website. Its revenue will only go to these people.

World Sky Aviation Academy is an Egyptian non-for-profit company. It is one of the best civil aviation academies in Egypt and the Middle East. The organization was founded to provide the best aviation training for all levels from the flight to the career pilot. They train students using reliable and affordable aircraft. Their goal is to help students successfully complete their training and make them proficient aviators.

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