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Meet CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.13.3 with Fixes and Setting Optimization


We have released CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.13.3. It is a patch release, so it fixes problems of the previous version and brings minor improvements. The full list of changes is in the documentation. So here we’ll only cover the most important changes that make interaction with CS-Cart more efficient.

Changes to Multi-Vendor

The setup of vendor onboarding is now simpler

Previously, the “Vendor data premoderation” add-on had all settings in one tab. It was difficult to manage them. Now the add-on settings are divided according to the subject of the approval—vendor account or vendor products.

In 4.13.3, we have updated the “Vendors” section in the store setup wizard, and now all the vendor onboarding settings are in one place. For example, when the check of newly-registered vendors is enabled in the store setup wizard, the corresponding setting in the “Vendor data premoderation” add-on is activated too.

In 4.14.1, we will also add a scenario when vendors won’t have access to the vendor panel until the administrator’s approval.

Improved mobile app settings

Now settings of the “Mobile Application” add-on are more user-friendly. We have divided them into 2 tabs: the settings that require rebuilding the app, and the settings that can be changed on the fly.

Previously, the administrator had to select color schemes for different pages and elements on his own. In version 4.13.3, we simplified the customization of the mobile app look with color presets. Choose any preset and see how it looks on cell phone renderings. You can still make your own color scheme by selecting colors yourself.

Stripe Connect: more convenient payment tracking in vendors’ Stripe dashboards

Vendors work with Stripe via their personal accounts. There vendors can see all the payments automatically split between them and the marketplace owner. In version 4.13.3 we added a description to each payment. Now the name of the marketplace and the order number are shown in the payment description on the Stripe end.

Common CS-Cart Changes

Common reviews for variations. In CS-Cart, you can create variations—similar products that differ from each other only in one or a few features that customers choose. For example, T-shirts are sold in different colors, and they look like separate products on the storefront. In this case, it will be useful for the customer to open reviews of the T-shirt of the selected color and read the reviews about all these variations. Configure splitting reviews for variations as separate products in the “Product Reviews” add-on.

Geolocation verification is now faster. Previously, you could check if the map is displayed only from the storefront. Now everything is faster and more convenient: you can check if everything is configured correctly directly from the “Maps and geolocation” add-on. If everything is ok, then after the API key input, you will see a map from the desired service.

There are more changes in version 4.13.3. For the full list, check the changelog.

The updates to version 4.13.2 are already available. As usual, for the first couple of weeks after the release we hand out update packages in limited numbers, but then we lift that restriction. If you don’t see this update in your Upgrade Center yet, please check the update page later.

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