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Introducing CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Ultimate


We’re happy to announce a new, the most advanced edition of our eCommerce marketplace software—CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Ultimate. It includes everything the standard and Plus editions have + 4 exclusive features:

  • Multiple storefronts
  • Free lifetime upgrades
  • 1 year of free VIP technical support
  • Access to the mobile application code

It is the most feature-rich Multi-Vendor edition at the moment. Ultimate suits for large global marketplaces with big traffic and budgets. The price tag—$7,500.

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What is CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Software?

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is a professional online marketplace software. It is self-hosted: you install Multi-Vendor on your server and get a fully-functional marketplace similar to Amazon and Etsy.

At the moment, we offer three Multi-Vendor editions:

  • CS-Cart Multi-Vendor ($1,450) is a standard edition for small and medium-size marketplaces. It has all must-have functions to start and run a marketplace.
  • CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Plus ($3,500) is an extended edition with 7 exclusive functions that are not present in the standard edition. Suits for larger businesses.
  • CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Ultimate ($7,500) is the most advanced edition with exclusive functions and services. A good choice for big companies and enterprises.

Check the product comparison table for details.

Exclusive Features of Ultimate

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Ultimate offers 4 features, which are not included in other editions:

1. Multiple storefronts. You can create multiple marketplace storefronts on different domains and control them all via a single admin panel. Watch the video to learn what you can do with multiple marketplace storefronts:

2. Unlimited VIP technical support during one year via online chat. If you have any questions on setting up Multi-Vendor or if you encountered a problem, our support team will handle your requests with the highest priority. Normally, our tech support is paid. But with a license, you get a period of free support. For the standard and Plus editions, the free period is 90 days, for Ultimate—1 year of premium support via text chat.

3. Free lifetime upgrades. It is important to regularly update your marketplace software to keep it secure, increase performance, and extend the functionality. For example, we regularly integrate our solution with the latest technologies support such as PHP 7, and release game-changing features such as one-step customizable checkout. To get upgrades, Multi-Vendor users normally need to buy a 1-year upgrade subscription. But with a license, you get a period of free upgrades. For the standard and Plus editions, the period is 1 year, for Ultimate—lifetime.

4. Access to the mobile application code. 79% of consumers order via mobile phones. And 40% leave the eCommerce website for a competitor because of bad mobile shopping experience. It’s extremely important to offer a marketplace mobile app to customers. With Multi-Vendor Ultimate you not only get a mobile app but also access to its code—customize the app the way you want and adapt it to your business.

How to Get Multi-Vendor Ultimate

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Ultimate is available for purchase on our website. Check out the comparison table and find out about the difference between all the editions and the advantages of each.

If you already own Multi-Vendor, you only need to pay the price difference when buying the Ultimate license. Please make sure to upgrade your Multi-Vendor to the latest version to use the Multiple storefronts feature.


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