Institute for Nature Care and Development in Calcutta is Building a Marketplace on CS-Cart to Connect Rural Artisans with Urban Markets

INCD is a non-profit organization from Calcutta, whose mission is to empower the underprivileged sections of the society, the rural areas of India. The organization’s new project is a social B2B eCommerce marketplace to connect rural artisans with urban markets, shops, and government agents.

INCD is working for the Government of India and building the marketplace by its order. Within our support campaign for non-profit and governmental organizations, we’ve provided INCD with a free license for our marketplace solution CS-Cart Multi-Vendor.

Somprakash Bandyopadhyay, Advisor at INCD:

I and my research team are working on a Govt. of India funded R&D project that aims to utilize the potential of social technologies in addressing problems related to marginalization and social exclusion of rural Indian artisans. For this purpose, we want to develop a web and mobile app-based marketplace that would empower rural artisans by connecting them with urban markets, government agents, trainers, investors, etc. It would not only provide market linkage, but also training opportunities to the rural artisans.

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