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CS-Cart COVID-19 Response: Industry Associations, Nonprofits, and Governmental Organizations Can Now Start a Marketplace on CS-Cart Multi-Vendor for Free


The coronavirus pandemic causes mass events and exhibition cancellations worldwide. Big sports events of NHL, NBA, UEFA have been already canceled or postponed. The Eurovision 2020 Song Contest has canceled as well as the biggest trade show in video games E3. Many smaller medical and tech conferences were postponed or canceled, too.

Event cancellations bring hard times for all businesses and industries. But nonprofits suffer more than others. Usually, these kinds of organizations help artists and craftsmen convert their hobbies into businesses, organize socio-cultural events, and establish funds.

These times, many nonprofits remain without funds. Exhibitions and grants were the main and often the only source of funds for many nonprofits. No exhibitions now because of the pandemic. No grants and well: the businesses that subsidized to nonprofits are also going through hard times.

Also, entrepreneurs supported by nonprofit organizations now have no opportunities to grow and develop. The cause is the same: such entrepreneurs received clients mostly on exhibitions and conferences that are now canceled.

Within the last month, we’ve been receiving dozens of messages from nonprofits. They ask us if we could offer them special conditions for buying a CS-Cart Multi-Vendor license. Here’s one of those:


We are a nonprofit that assists artists and craftspeople in becoming entrepreneurs. Due to the global shut down and the cancellation of events worldwide, this group of business owners is now dead in the water. I am rushing to create a multi-vendor platform to help with these artists in this difficult time.

Do you have any better pricing for nonprofits? We have no funding at this time due to the shutdown. These business owners have very little technology experience including myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Creating an industry-specific online marketplace can become a new source of revenue for nonprofits and an effective method for nonprofit’s members of getting back to the market.

We’re ready to support nonprofits that are going online and start online marketplaces for their members. During the coronavirus pandemic, we give CS-Cart Multi-Vendor licenses to nonprofits for free.

What’s CS-Cart Multi-Vendor?

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is a professional multi-vendor software for building online marketplaces such as Amazon, AliExpress, and eBay. You manage the marketplace as an admin and invite vendors to sell on your marketplace. CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is the number one marketplace platform according to reviews and rating websites such as Capterra.

The key advantages of CS-Cart Multi-Vendor are its ease of use and powerful functionality. You don’t have to be a programmer and even tech-savvy user to create and run a marketplace on CS-Cart. The software is installed almost as easy as the usual computer application. You manage the website via a user-friendly visual interface.

CS-Cart COVID-19 Response: Industry Associations, Nonprofits, and Governmental Organizations Can Now Start a Marketplace on CS-Cart Multi-Vendor for Free: photo 2 - CS-Cart Blog

More information about CS-Cart Multi-Vendor and its functionality is on our website.

How to Get a Free License?

These organizations can get the CS-Cart Multi-Vendor license for free:

  • Nonprofits
  • Governmental organizations
  • Industry associations (for example, craftsmen, artists, furniture makers, etc.)
  • Unions

Fill out this form. In the “Your question about CS-Cart” field, tell us about your nonprofit with all the details, the link to the official website, and the link to the scanned copies of the documents that prove you’re a nonprofit organization.

We’ll make sure your organization is a true nonprofit. Then we’ll send you your free license to the email address you entered when filling out the form.

Important: We thoroughly examine every entry and reserve the right to decline the application. We also reserve the right to announce our partnership on our blog and social media.

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