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How to Promote Your eCommerce Store With Video Marketing

99% of businesses using video marketing in 2020 plan to continue in the future. And 59% of those that aren’t using it yet are planning on starting.

For eCommerce store owners, that’s both exciting and scary. While those that discovered the advantages of video marketing are already reaping the rewards, it also means that those who fall behind will have a much harder time competing.

Using video marketing is no longer an innovation; it’s an absolute must. Creating high-quality videos has become accessible to businesses of all sizes, and the rise of video hosting sites has given complete control over where the videos are hosted, who can see them, and how they look.

But how can you start promoting your eCommerce store with video marketing? 

Let’s look at a few of the most important things to consider below.

Showcase Your Products

One of the biggest advantages of videos in eCommerce is their ability to showcase your products better than images or descriptions ever could. When your product appears in action or is used by a person, prospective buyers can gain a much better understanding of the main benefits, see how the product could solve their problem, or how it could enhance their lives.

If you’re selling clothing or fashion products, videos can help emphasize the style and values your brand and products represent. With a video, you can visualize the aesthetic ideas that the product can help realize, inspiring buyers to create a style that suits them.

Product videos can also help show why your product is unique and how it’s authentic. By creating a how-it’s-made video, you can not only educate your audience but also add more perceived value that will help justify a premium price, especially if your product is made in an interesting or sustainable way that aligns with the audience’s values.

Tell Your Brand’s Story

Brands that manage to form an emotional connection with their audiences receive three times as much word-of-mouth leads than those who don’t.

People today are becoming more aware of who they buy from, and while industry giants like Amazon or Walmart might have the big ad spend budgets, they don’t have the ability to form a genuine emotional connection with their audiences like smaller brands.

That’s why it’s crucial to focus on branding in as many ways as possible, and video marketing can be an excellent tool to bridge barriers and make your brand come to life in the eyes of your viewers.

With the help of videos, you can tell your brand’s story through the words of real people who work at your company. 

Even if you work alone, you can get in front of the camera and talk about why you started the business, what values are important to you, and how you want to help people. That way, you can gain an instant advantage over the competition and build a loyal following that will buy from you no matter what.

If your brand represents a cause that strives to make the world better, video is the perfect way to spread your message and get more people to become aware of your brand.

Partner Up With Influencers

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Influencer marketing is becoming an essential marketing tool for eCommerce stores, with two-thirds of marketers allocating the majority of their budget towards partnering up with social media figures. 

But while there are many ways to use influencer marketing, and the specific methods can often depend on the platform that the influencer is using, video marketing can be an excellent way to ensure that the post has a big impact.

As mentioned before, videos provide countless opportunities to showcase your brand and your product, and when you’re working with influencers, you can also take advantage of their personality and authority within their following.

So, if you put together a first-impressions video where the influencer reviews your product, you are instantly positioning your product in a favorable light, since the influencer is not only endorsing it but is actually trying it out.

This type of approach is particularly useful in the tech niche, where you want to showcase as many features as possible. Having those features praised by an authoritative figure in the tech world will give your product instant credibility and will help generate a buzz that ultimately leads to more exposure and sales.

Share Customer Experiences

While using videos of influencers can be very powerful, your current happy customers will always be the driving force behind your growth. If you make your customers happy, they will be your biggest ambassadors who will share your message and help your business grow organically.

So, why not give your best customers a platform for spreading your message by creating powerful testimonial videos? 

While there are some obstacles that you might have to overcome, having real people vouch for your products on the camera will instantly break down trust barriers and will provide peace of mind to first-time visitors to your store.

But how can you get your customers to film testimonials? 

Well, you’d be surprised how far you can get by simply taking the time to ask people whether they’d like to share their success story.

If you genuinely provided an excellent service, then a significant portion of your current customers would probably be willing to take a few minutes out of their day to talk about their experiences with your brand and your products.

After all, these people are already happy with what you provided, so they might actually want others to discover the same solutions as well.

When someone agrees to film a testimonial, ask them to talk about their experiences, where they were before they found your store, and how the products helped them move past a hurdle or improve their lives.

The testimonials don’t need to be salesy or pushy; they just have to show that your products really work and that regular people are having success with what you have to offer.

Final Words

Video marketing is one of the hottest trends in the eCommerce world because of its ability to showcase the product better on the marketplace. As more brands discover the different ways that video can be used, it will only become more popular in the coming years.

You can use videos to showcase your products, leverage the authority of influencers in your market, and tell your brand’s story. The wide range of possibilities is one of the main reasons why video should become a central part of your marketing efforts.

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