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CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.6.2 Released


A patch release is onstage. Meet CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.6.2. No new features here—the new version only fixes issues and optimizes performance.

Product Variation Fixes

We introduced product variations in CS-Cart 4.6.1. Product variations are a better alternative for option combinations. While an option combination only looks like a separate physical product, a product variation is a physical product based on options. And you can set up product variations like separate products.

The product variations feature is only at the beta stage. That’s why it can have issues that we are working on. And in version 4.6.2, we’ve fixed several problems with variations reported by our customers:

    • Product variations can now be downloadable. Nonworking downloadables were one of the issues of beta product variations. Now, variations fully support downloadables, and customers receive download links correctly.
    • Product variations import works fine. One of the coolest thing about product variations is that you can export and import them in a single file along with other products. But there was an issue with variations import: if the imported file had the Variation code field, the import failed. The issue is gone in CS-Cart 4.6.2.
    • Product variations work correctly with the “Show out of stock products” setting enabled. A product, for which you can create product variations, is called a configurable product. In the previous version, configurable products worked incorrectly with the Show out of stock products setting on. In some cases, the configurable product disappeared from the storefront. We fixed this in 4.6.2.
  • Brand images don’t disappear from a product page when you install the Product variations add-on. By default, the Product variations add-on is not installed. To activate this feature, you need to install the add-on in Add-ons → Manage add-ons → Browse all available add-ons in your admin panel. After the add-on installation, the brand pictures could disappear from your product pages. We fixed this one too.

Other Fixes Worth Mentioning

    • CS-Cart now withstands a bit higher load. We’ve optimized the CS-Cart performance so that it becomes more stable on high load. Now, CS-Cart is 14% more enduring on high load and pages start loading 25 ms faster.
    • The quotation mark is now displayed correctly on the PayPal side. Before, when a customer paid with PayPal, the quotation mark “ was encoded via these symbols: . So, PayPal displayed product names with the quotation mark incorrectly: 10″ Pizza Stone instead of the correct 10” Pizza Stone. Now, the quotation mark is encoded in a different way and PayPal displays it correctly.
    • Product options fixes. There were two issues: 1) a product couldn’t be added to cart if it had an option of the “Radio group” type and all the variants of that option were forbidden and 2) the product with a forbidden option combination could not be added to the order created or edited via the admin panel. Both are fixed.
    • FedEx shipping rates are now always correct. Previously, CS-Cart displayed wrong shipping rates when FedEx provided rates in the currency different from the primary currency of the store. No such problem now.
  • The number of reward points doesn’t take into account discounts when the corresponding setting is off. Customers can receive reward points for the purchases and spend them later on other purchases. The reward points feature has the “Points is recalculated taking into account order discounts” setting. Before, when you disabled this setting, the number of reward points still depended on discounts. Now the setting works okay.

Check other fixes in the changelog.

How to Upgrade

CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.6.2 are available now. As always, we distribute upgrade packages in batches during the first post-release week. Then, we’ll open the valve to the full. So, if you don’t see the available upgrade in Administration → Upgrade center, check for it later.

If your upgrade subscription is expired, you won’t be able to get the upgrade. In this case, please extend your upgrade subscription. Once you re-activate it, check for the upgrade.

If you’re about to open your first online store on CS-Cart, download the installation package and get the license.

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You are welcome to discuss the new release in our forum.

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