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CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.6.2 Released


A patch release is onstage. Meet CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.6.2. No new features here—the new version only fixes issues and optimizes performance.

Product Variation Fixes

We introduced product variations in CS-Cart 4.6.1. Product variations are a better alternative for option combinations. While an option combination only looks like a separate physical product, a product variation is a physical product based on options. And you can set up product variations like separate products.

The product variations feature is only at the beta stage. That’s why it can have issues that we are working on. And in version 4.6.2, we’ve fixed several problems with variations reported by our customers:

Other Fixes Worth Mentioning

Check other fixes in the changelog.

How to Upgrade

CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.6.2 are available now. As always, we distribute upgrade packages in batches during the first post-release week. Then, we’ll open the valve to the full. So, if you don’t see the available upgrade in Administration → Upgrade center, check for it later.

If your upgrade subscription is expired, you won’t be able to get the upgrade. In this case, please extend your upgrade subscription. Once you re-activate it, check for the upgrade.

If you’re about to open your first online store on CS-Cart, download the installation package and get the license.

Visit our Facebook and Twitter: we post about all the updates there. Also, check out our YouTube channel: dozens of CS-Cart video lessons there.

You are welcome to discuss the new release in our forum.

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