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CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.5.2 Are Here!


After a big release of the long-awaited 4.5.1, it is time for some patch fixes and improvements coming in our new CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.5.2.

What’s inside?

    • Sign-in via Facebook works correctly after the Facebook API update. Facebook sign-in is a part of the Social Login add-on in CS-Cart. We had to move to a newer version of Facebook API, because the API version that we used previously is no longer supported. But be careful, to work with the new API, CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor now require PHP 5.4. Please update your PHP version to 5.4 or higher before you re-enable Facebook.
    • Sales reports are displayed properly when working with big amount of data. First of all, we fixed the error related to displaying big amount of data on a Sales reports page. Now even the huge reports are displayed correctly and it doesn’t take too long to load them. We also made some other improvements related to interface, design, and usability.
    • Authorize.net now works well with CS-Cart. Due to Authorize.net requirement to use three-character value to specify the country it was impossible to process payments via this service, as CS-Cart used two-character value to pass the information about the country. Now the country code is passed via a three-character value which solves the problem.
    • PHP 7.1 now runs perfectly with CS-Cart. Previously, CS-Cart encountered a number of errors and notices related to PHP 7.1. But we quickly fixed them and now, on PHP 7.1, CS-Cart runs smoothly like never before.
  • Credit card data is now removed from orders when using PayPal Pro and buying products from multiple vendors. Previously, when buying products from multiple vendors and paying via PayPal Pro, order information was sent to both customers and vendors along with open credit card data, which could lead to some security issues. Now, all credit card data is removed as it should be.

Check out other changes and fixes in the changelog.

How to Get Version 4.5.2?

Get the new version in the usual way:

    • If your upgrade subscription is still active, check the available upgrade on the Administration → Upgrade center page in your admin panel. During this first week of the release, we’ll be distributing upgrade packages in batches, so as not to overload our servers. After the first week, we’ll open the upgrade distribution fully. So if you don’t see the available upgrade in your Upgrade center now, check for it later. If your upgrade subscription has expired, extend it for another one year.
  • If you’re just joining the CS-Cart army, download the installation package, install it on your server, and buy the license.

You’re welcome to ask any questions about CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.5.2 on our forum.

Report any bugs to our bug tracker and we’ll deal with them.

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