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7 Keys to E-commerce Success This 2022

Presenting you a guest article by Kenneth Sytian, the web designer and the owner at Sytian Productions. He’s sharing with you 7 keys to e-commerce success in 2022.

Kenneth Kenneth Sytian of Sytian Productions is a web designer from the Philippines. He is the owner and the driving force behind the company. Kenneth has been designing websites and developing web apps for more than a decade.

The e-commerce industry has the potential of growing; even more, going by its current rate of flourish. The current e-commerce statistics has it that about 40% of the world internet users have purchased products via their online device ⎯ this amount to over a billion online buyers. Of course, this shouldn’t come as a surprise because the e-commerce growth is one thing everyone should watch out.

Once you develop an online store, you have the potential to get customers from far and wide; this depends heavily on some key factors. Below are 7 keys to e-commerce success.

1. Design and Usability. The design and usability of your online store is a fundamental element in determining an e-commerce entrepreneur’s success. Have you ever clicked on a product link you found online, only to close the page in a few seconds? Perhaps its design doesn’t convey the right message, and you find it difficult to use. It is an essential idea to design your website, so it looks enticing as well easy for customers to use.

2. Security and Trustworthiness. Making your customers feel and believe that your online store is a security-oriented one and will not compromise their privacy is an excellent e-commerce tool. A business that doesn’t involve a face to face transaction, a high level of trust is essential. Reduce complexity and be transparent, these make you and your site trustworthy.

3. Easy to Navigate. The easier it is to navigate through your site, the higher your chances of converting. Design your website to ensure that customers can easily get to their desired page or product as fast as possible without searching much for it. Incorporate a site search that quickly turns out relevant results that can lead to the page your clients want when searching for a product or service.

4. Optimized Product Pages. Undoubtedly, this is where some e-commerce entrepreneurs lose the battle for sales. A mere listing of your products doesn’t make a search engine to recognize them, it calls more for writing SEO description, optimizing product pages on search demand, writing the unique description, and use of keyword friendly URLs.

5. Customer Reviews. About 61% of online users read the customer reviews of a product before buying them, this can alter your e-commerce success. While you grant customers access to write their reviews about your products they purchased, it is wise to offer them the best service and product to make them leave a good review about what they purchased.

6. Superb Customer Service. When a customer clicks through to your e-commerce site, there is a high tendency that such client wants to patronize you and most customers don’t mind paying more just to get a superb customer service. Do well to offer your customers great customer service as this is a major key to your e-commerce success.

7. Fast Checkout. Assigning the most relevant pages or categories to the main navigation and the less important ones to the footers or drop–downs ensures that your website visitors experience a fast checkout. This idea flashes the main idea without any waste of time.

Many ecommerce platforms offer these features, but CS-Cart can only provide a functional shopping cart system that can be used even with little experience in managing an online store. You cannot use these 7 keys to unlock a successful ecommerce store unless you know how to fully maximize your online store.

Once you open an e-commerce site, you have the potential to convert from any part of the world, so why limit your possibilities? Put the tips above to work and watch your e-commerce business take a positive change in 2022 and ahead.

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