Why Choose a Turnkey Solution for an Online Store over Creating a Custom Platform


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You have decided to sell online. You already have products or services to offer, you also have suppliers or even an established supply chain. But there is a shortage of the main ingredient—the online store, a platform, a storefront through which you will conduct your business and distribute your offers.

At this moment you face the first problem of choice. You can take an out-of-the-box solution, start a business and make improvements gradually, or you can start a large project with a development company to create something new, a custom platform, and postpone the start of sales. The success of the startup largely depends on this decision. And what’s the right choice in this situation?

When the Turnkey Solution for an Online Store is Exactly What You Need

Ask yourself as many questions as possible about your expectations and answer yourself as honestly as possible.

What do you want? If you need an online store with cart and checkout, you can use a ready-made solution.

Why do you need this? If your goal is to start making money as quickly as possible—a turnkey solution is your choice.

What is your budget? If you have a strict limit of the budget—you are wiser to start with a turnkey solution.

When are you going to run it? If you have a particular time frame limit, a ready-made solution will suit you.

Do you have your own team? If you don’t want to spend money on your own development team, turn to a turnkey solution and get the support of the original software developers.

13 Advantages of the Turnkey Online Store

  • Own platform. Long-term practice of release of new versions. Expertise and flexibility.
  • Continuous improvement of the platform. There is a team that works in a single direction, relying on the customer experience, delivering only the best solutions based on the actual practice of clients and backed up with statistics.
  • A single team of custom solutions developers. There is a common understanding of code and its logic. Since everything is written within a single platform there is a common development culture. Everyone can continue the work of a teammate. Everyone can continue someone else’s line of code and add someone else’s code to theirs without errors and loss of efficiency, without the risk of rewriting it from scratch.
  • The solution is available here and now. No need to wait and control the several-month development process. The solution ready out-of-the-box. And it’s already enough to run a successful business.
  • Nothing will ever be written from scratch. It’s faster, more reliable and it is cheaper.
  • Any additional functionality can be improved, the design can be created separately when the business starts making money.
  • All that the customer needs to make a purchase is already in the box and doesn’t need developing again.
  • Flexibility. You can change the design, you can change the structure, you can remove modules unnecessary for the client, you can reassemble the platform as you like.
  • Own technical support. A developer of the original platform can train users in handling the functionality, can resolve any issue as soon as possible, and can take on all the technical tasks of the user. A business owner doesn’t need to have own developers—any issue can be delegated to the creators of the solution.
  • According to statistics, the team that is constantly developing and refining products – rarely lose their original core. It only expands or is supplemented. This means that the experience and expertise are accumulating with time.
  • The discussion of future projects. Team knowledge and skills allow them to offer more profitable or efficient solutions for businesses. The goal of such a team is not to fulfill any whim, but to make the client’s business a success.
  • Well-established processes based on many years of experience. A mature development company has already created its “corporate rules for good tone”—for example, to keep records of the entire development to eliminates possible the errors.
  • New extensions and modules are constantly being developed for the turnkey online store. They allow you to add different integrations to your business and make your store more attractive to customers.

Making the right decisions is the key to success of any business. But this is a hard skill to master without failures, difficulties, analysis, and hard victories. In practice, the right decision comes when it’s too late and the wrong one can’t be rolled back. But there’s a way to, at least, minimize the risks and the negative effect of the wrong decision!

If you need to make an important decision, always remember—you are not the first who faces it. The experience on this matter already exists, you just need to find it, learn it and utilize it.

The turnkey online store is a solution that has already been successfully used by hundreds of thousands of customers. And if you need this tool for selling online—you don’t need to create it from scratch. Your mission is to become a successful businessman. Leave the creation of the ideal online stores to the development companies that provide turnkey solutions. Their success depends entirely on yours. You only need to choose, whom you are going to go with.

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