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January Pack of 3 Design Ideas for Your Storefront


We’d like to share another two CS-Cart store design ideas from our archive. Look for previous examples of designs in these posts.


As the owners say, Printism is a philosophy not just a website.

This store offers prints of illustrations and paintings of different styles such as surrealistic, symbolic, indoor art, landscapes, vintage posters, and others.

When ordering a print, the customer selects the type of the print, such as paper print, framed print, canvas, or stretched print, the size of the print, and the frame style. Frames are applied to the print preview in real time, so a customer sees the final appearance of the framed print.

Printism uses CS-Cart 4.3.3 with a custom design that converts this online store into a real art gallery:


Miyake-Japan is an online store of the Miyake Ceramics Co., Ltd—a company that has been offering ceramic ware for over 60 years now.

Now in the Miyake store, you can purchase not only ceramic ware but also woodenware, glassware, and kitchen tools for Japanese restaurants.

Because the store represents the international department of Miyake Ceramics, the storefront uses the English language and 3 currencies: the Japanese yen, the US dollar, and the Euro.

Miyake-Japan works on CS-Cart 4.3.3 and uses a custom storefront template with a large banner on the homepage:

Hope you enjoyed these storefronts. Feel free to ask questions about CS-Cart design in the CS-Cart forum.

To learn how to develop design for CS-Cart, check the Designer Guide in the new CS-Cart Documentation.

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