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Facebook and eBay Synchronization Now Free with CS-Cart 4.4.1

Facebook and eBay for free in CS-Cart 4.4.1


CS-Cart 4.4.1 is here! One of the highlights is the now free eBay Synchronization and Facebook add-ons—a saving of $215.

What Does the eBay Synchronization Add-on Do?

When you open an online store, you need to attract an audience to begin to generate sales. Attracting customers can cost you lot: you have to develop a marketing strategy, generate email campaigns, and devise other advertising methods. However, a great way to get an audience without much effort is to list your products on eBay. In 2016, eBay has 162 million users and registers 11 million searches per hour. Now that’s an audience of potential customers!

With the eBay Synchronization add-on, you export the products presented in your store to eBay. It means that 162 million customers can reach your products. Awesome, huh?

Before CS-Cart 4.4.1, we distributed the eBay Synchronization add-on separately from CS-Cart, charging for it a one-time fee of $125. Now, we’ve included this add-on into CS-Cart with no extra fee.

Learn how to operate eBay Synchronization in our documentation.

eBay for free in CS-Cart 4.4.1

What is This Facebook Add-on?

One of the ways to draw more customers and boost sales is multi-channel retailing. That’s when you’re not only selling in your online store, but also in the brick-and-mortar store and on social media.

The Facebook add-on allows you to embed your store to a Facebook page. Having a store on Facebook is a great way to get closer to your customers and attract more of them.

Before CS-Cart 4.4.1, we distributed the Facebook add-on separately from CS-Cart and charged $90 per year for it. Now this add-on comes with CS-Cart for free. No annual payments!

Learn how to embed your store to Facebook in our documentation.

Facebook for free in CS-Cart 4.4.1

We hope you see a boost in sales using these simple but effective add-ons!

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