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CS-Cart on E-commerce Expo at Olympia, London, September 27-28

eCommerce Expo


Whether you’re only planning to dive into eCommerce or you’re already an experienced online entrepreneur, the eCommerce Expo in London is the event you need to visit this year.

The Expo covers all the aspects of ecommerce—from acquisition to delivery and everything in between. It connects buyers and suppliers of the ecommerce solutions in one place—the UK’s largest ecommerce vendor marketplace. Check out how it was in 2016:

This year, the Expo takes place at Olympia, London and offers 150 e-commerce suppliers and 150 speakers from Google, Amazon, Zendesk, Comic Relief, and others. CS-Cart will be there, too, represented by Fotis Kourmadas, the head of CS-Cart Europe. Find him and his team at Stand E1126.

Fotis Kourmadas

Fotis Kourmadas, the Head of CS-Cart Europe:

Visit us at Stand E1126 and meet the CS-Cart team and find out more about our online shop and marketplace software. We’ll discuss your plans and needs and how your business can benefit from switching to the CS-Cart eCommerce Platform. If you are a web agency we can discuss a potential partnership that enables you to provide your customers with a powerful ecommerce solution but also gives an excellent opportunity to enhance your existing service offerings.

Why You Need to Visit the Expo

Four reasons at least:

  1. To learn new things. Over 150 experts will share with you their vision of the future of eCommerce. You will learn about the trends and innovations and about how to use them for your online business.
  2. To discover new eCommerce solutions. The eCommerce Expo is not just a conference. It’s also a marketplace of modern e-commerce products. You will meet over 150 vendors and find out about the latest shopping software inventions.
  3. To exchange the knowledge. Over 5,000 online businessmen will attend the Expo. Communicate with them, discuss eCommerce, get new ideas, and share yours.
  4. To visit the CS-Cart booth, of course! Our guy from Greece, the head of CS-Cart Europe, Fotis Kourmadas will be happy to see you at the CS-Cart booth at Stand E1126 and have a small talk :-)

So, people, come to the eCommerce Expo at Olympia, London on September 27 and 28. The CS-Cart booth will be at Stand E1126. Click the button below to register to attend the event for free.

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