CS-Cart releases

CS-Cart is at version 2.0.7

A new release of CS-Cart has been issued today. The latest version includes notable improvements related to product options and bestsellers, performance optimization, extended category layout options and, as usual, skin line enhancement.

The product options functionality has been enriched for input and textarea-type options. Now it is possible to achieve the maximum control and flexibility by marking an option as required, validate option values by regular expressions, add an inner hint into a text field and display custom validation messages. You can also set descriptions for product options of any type.

Most customers are interested to know about the bestselling products and now CS-Cart allows sorting products by popularity and editing the bestsellers rating, as well as adding a new list type via Block manager – products ordered by popularity.

Slow database queries in CS-Cart were significantly optimized, especially for large stores offering 100 000 (or more) catalog items. Not only has the database structure been optimized, but also a caching of slow queries has been added in order to prevent them from repeated loading. As a result, store performance has significantly increased on high loads.

It is now possible to set product lists layout both globally and on a category level. Three layouts are available by default – Grid, List and Compact list, custom layouts can also be added by making your own templates.

In addition, CS-Cart 2.0.7 comes with three new skins: “Redish”, “Fresh pick” and “Solitude”. Please note that since these skins are made by third-party designers, they require a backlink to an author’s website (please, refer to the licence.txt file in a corresponding skin folder for more details).