Customers trust online testimonials and recommendations

The Nielsen Company has recently performed an extensive online poll among 25 000 online buyers from 50 countries.

It’s very curious to find out how many people trust (completely or mostly) different forms of advertizing:

Degree of trust in various forms of advertisement
Degree of trust in various forms of advertisement

It’s worth mentioning the differences which exist in various countries. For example, the level of trust in brand websites is 82% in China, 81% in Pakistan and 80% in Vietnam. However, it’s only 40% for Sweden and 45% for Israel. For the US, it is at 72% which is very high, while even more (72%) trust client testimonials!

So, the idea here is: not only to make a well-thought-out website but be sure not to forget about gathering feedback from your customers. It’s much cheaper and easier than TV or printed ads, while the effect can be much more significant.

And how do you work with testimonials?