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An easy way to place your own logos into CS-Cart

Corporate logos are the key part of any brand identity. Therefore, it is obvious that you will definitely need to place them into your online store interface and replace the default ones.

In some systems, this may involve looking for corresponding templates, editing the code and uploading logo images via FTP or hosting control panel. With CS-Cart, however, the process is much easier: everything is done via a special section of the administration panel without the necessity for source code changes and file manipulation.

Choosing logos for various store sections
Choosing logos for various store sections

The interface allows to choose your own logos not only for the customer area, but also invoices, login forms, gift certificates and administration area. You may upload graphic files directly from your computer, find them on your server via a convenient file browser or indicate the path via an external URL.

As soon as the file is chosen, you can immediately see it to ensure that the right logo is picked. So, it takes minimal time to set your own logos in order for the store interface to reflect your own visual style – and make people see that the store they visit is yours.