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5 E-commerce Jobs to Master in 2022

If you have the stomach for the jobs in the eCommerce industry, then you will never be out of work. This work in hand may be challenging, evolving, and demanding. Yet, it is one of the most prospective and interesting spheres to work in. What other industry can exist on the edge of emerging trends and technology? In this article you can find modern jobs available in eCommerce.

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1. Web Designer and Developer

If you want a simple website, then use a content management system to create your own. If you want a sophisticated website that incorporates emerging technology while conforming to modern security protocols, and if you want a website that matches up to your target audience, then you need a web designer and developer. The team at Resume Writing Service Resumeble have seen a +1.9% year-on-year of website designers and developer CV requests over the last seven years as more and more people get into the web design and development business.

2. Software Developer

eCommerce websites come in all shapes and sizes. It isn’t just a website, it is a multi-platform website with a specialized shopping cart that conforms to each country’s laws, it is a dynamic website that also accepts bitcoin in the West and Ethereum tokens such as OmiseGo in the East. It is a job where app developers are worth their weight in gold. It is a golden time to be a software developer.

3. Sales Tunnel Creation and Development

Getting a person from a website to an advert, to a landing page, and walking that person all the way to a completed sale is no easy task. People who work in the sales tunnel area are part analyst and part psychologist. It is a very exciting job to have if you do not mind sifting through research and numbers to perpetually improve your sales process.

4. Data Analyst

There are now more facets to a data analyst’s job than ever before. One data analyst may spend a year creating insight from big data that was bought from an online grocery store, where another may spend the year working on analytics pulled from an automated-response email campaign. Anybody can look at numbers, but data analyst can turn it into usable information.

5. SEO Executives

Traditional sales businesses crave sales effective persons, and eCommerce websites crave effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts. The whole SEO landscape has changed since the Google Hummingbird update, which means committed SEO experts who refuse to take shortcuts are being rewarded for their hard work.

Conclusion—Why Bother with Any of These Jobs?

Why go to night school to learn any of the skills needed for these jobs when such skills are likely to be obsolete in a few years? Take SEO as an example, what mattered six years ago is now not only redundant, some of it may be seen as gray hat (unsavory) behavior. Take software developer as an example, five years ago a developer’s primary concern would be a dynamic website or simple merchant app, but now he or she is worried about multi-faceted (and secure) multi-platform apps and mastering VR shopping experiences. Why bother with any of these jobs when they are likely to be redundant soon?

You should bother because as trends and technology advance, so shall you, and the ones who advance with the times are the ones who are in the most demand. For example, the people who quit their web design jobs when drag-and-drop content management systems became popular were short-sighted. Can a CMMS work with the affiliate advertiser to create designs for dynamic web pages that match the data analyst’s information on the target audience, that are search engine friendly, and that ally with the target’s sales journey via the sales tunnel?

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