3 Important Features for an eCommerce Website

You’ve decided to build an eCommerce store. You have an idea that you feel is profitable, and you want to give it a try. First steps are always the hardest, learning the ins and outs of selling online and how it all comes together. Building an eCommerce store is a stepping stone, most lessons start to appear once you’re concluding business.

As a beginner, you may get ahead of yourself and invest time in business areas that don’t need your attention until later on, and by doing that you risk of forgetting the truly important parts of an eCommerce store. I am talking about the best ecommerce website features – design, social, and content.

1. Design

The most important feature for an ecommerce website is to make it easy and accessible for customers to buy products. This means investing in good navigation options, optimizing each sales page with great descriptions and visual content, as well as optimizing the site for optimal speed performance.

CS-Cart offers more than 200 unique themes that are optimized for all of the above mentioned points. Why spend thousands of dollars hiring a developer and a designer, when you can invest in a spectacular pre-built theme for just a fraction of that sum.

2. Social

Social media is a powerful tool for driving new customers to your site through special offers, promotions, and involvement in the business field you are working in. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are the traditional social media sites you want to be a part of. Also, don’t forget to invest in Pinterest and Instagram—visually appealing social platforms that can be used to advertise products directly.

Remember to be a part of a community, and besides sharing your own products, promote other businesses and their ideas as well—it helps you gain trust, and nobody likes to look at a social media account that only does self-promotion.

3. Content

Sales will not drive to you themselves, especially if you’re working without a marketing budget. Content marketing is a viable option for building a following that’s based on your knowledge and experience in the field.

Several of the leading brands understand the importance of content, and invest in a properly developed content strategy to drive sales, build brand awareness, help others, and contend for organic search traffic.

Without implementing these three important features in your eCommerce store, you risk of being seen as inexperienced and lose potential opportunities, but most importantly—customers.

About the Author:

Alex Ivanovs is an online entrepreneur, and a writer who is passionate about self-improvement.