The Airbnb rental service is a great success story. For ten years, it grew up in a giant with an estimate of $ 31 billion.

It all started in 2007. In those days, there was a conference of designers in the city, there were not enough places in hotels, so two friends created a simple website with photos of their attic, converted into a living room with three air beds on the floor, and with the promise of “homemade breakfast” there were frozen pop-tarts, warmed up by hosts in the microwave.

The site brought them the first 3 tenants, each of whom paid $ 80. After the first “sold” weekend, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia began to receive emails from all over the world asking when their website would be available in places like Buenos Aires, London and Japan.

The history of the launch of the company has become an archetypical storyline in the mythology of Silicon Valley: young founders come up with a solution to their own problem, the idea quickly scales and brings them money and fame.

It is clear why a lot of people would like to create a website like Airbnb and look for an Airbnb open source script.

Why people like Airbnb?

Let’s find out why Airbnb is so popular:

  • Large selection of offers and types of accommodation. On airbnb there are different housing options: from a room in an apartment with the owners to a spacious apartment or house. Even in a small village, there are ads Airbnb.
  • It is advantageous. Due to low prices, you can afford to stay in a more expensive area, increase the number of days of stay. Typically, apartments are equipped with a kitchen, which allows you to save on food. It is especially beneficial to rent accommodation on Airbnb to families with children, relatives traveling together - to those who do not fit the standard hotel room. Having settled in a large apartment with your friends, you share the costs.
  • Accommodations. The size of a standard room in a hotel of 10 m2, the apartments on Airbnb have a large area. You can choose apartments with a balcony or terrace, high ceilings, panoramic windows, a studio apartment or a plan with isolated rooms. Accommodation on Airbnb can be designed in different styles, there is very original and beautiful interior design.
  • Communication with the owner. You rent an apartment (room, house) from a specific person with whom you can discuss the conditions before booking. The owner of Airbnb is your friend in an unfamiliar city, he will answer questions and give useful advice. Thanks to Airbnb, you will feel like a local.
Besides if you look for an Airbnb white label solution you should know that Geolocation plays an important role in building a website like Airbnb. It allows to find housing by location and displays the search result on a digital map.

Airbnb open source script must allow you to make payments online, without leaving the application or leaving the site for booking. Also, online payments allow the service owner to charge a fee and thus create an effective business model.

Airbnb source code has to provide customers with the feedback feature. It forms the profile and rating of the host, which will affect future deals. The higher the rating, the higher the trust.

When building a website like Airbnb remember that a mobile application is a must for an online booking business. It gives a lot of opportunities for an owner to promote the website and for the customers to use the booking services on the go.

Where to get Airbnb source code?

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