Published: Oct 21, 2011 Last updated: Oct 21, 2011 Yan Kulakov

As you have probably noticed, electronic commerce has spread significantly over the last few years. And it is expected to expand further even faster! At first glance, electronic commerce differs from real-world commerce only in the fact that all processes are performed online. However, ecommerce brings a great range of benefits and amazing features where the most important ones are the absence of distance and time barriers in online trading. You can sell your products and offer services to customers all over the world 24/7.

Are you thinking about an optimal way to start your own online business venture? Then stop your search at as we're ready to offer you our full-featured web store shopping cart software. It is designed to become your indispensable tool in launching a stand-alone ecommerce website with minimum efforts involved.

Main Features

CS-Cart will become your trusted system to organize all business processes including online sales, inventory and transaction control, advertising, shipping services, etc. While providing one of the best in class shopping cart functionality for your website, it will also bring you an impressive range of the most advanced and powerful ecommerce features and tools to ensure your optimal online business performance and, therefore, stable success.

CS-Cart is fully integrated with offline payment methods (like purchase orders, checks, phone orders, etc.) and real-time credit card processing tools (more than 50 payment gateways from PayPal to Google Checkout). While using our web shopping cart software, your customers may have an absolute confidence that your payment processing system is 100% safe and secure and therefore their confidential information is also protected.

Enhanced flexibility of CS-Cart web store shopping cart system means that it can be used either on a separate full-fledged website or as a part of your already existing project. Additionally, through the Smarty template engine used you can easily customize our ecommerce solution to match your web store look and feel.