One of our primary goals is continuous improvement of CS-Cart. This roadmap allows you to see new features and improvements that have been added recently as well as find out what is planned for upcoming versions.

Released Recently

Being Developed Now (4.5.x & 5.x)

Planned for Future

  • Options Refactoring: Option combination should be treated as a separate product [5.x]
  • CS-Cart Marketplace: Distribute add-ons & themes through Marketplace
  • Admin Privileges Refactoring: Get rid of messy root admin, unrestricted admin and restricted admin user types. Only admin with certain privileges should be available [5.x]

While we are committed to achieve all of the roadmap goals, priorities for some of them may be a subject of change. Therefore, we advise you against making serious business decisions based on the information given here and contact us to find out the details.