Video Report: Changes to Multi-Vendor in March 2020 to Help Your Business

We’ve prepared a video about the changes that the CS-Cart team made to Multi-Vendor in March 2020. It also covers the mobile application and our plans for the future. The video is 20-minute long, so below it, you’ll find the key points and links to specific parts.

What changed in Multi-Vendor

  • 0:34 — an easier configuration of shipping rates
  • 4:44 — communication between vendors and marketplace admins
  • 7:32 — returns and order creation/editing for vendors
  • 9:21 — search of vendor admins by a vendor
  • 10:03 — other improvements
  • 13:01 — bug fixes

What changed in the mobile app

  • 13:41 — new look for categories without images
  • 14:08 — product rating in categories
  • 14:22 — other improvements and some plans

Plans for the future

  • 15:13 — product variations and feature creation for vendors
  • 16:06 — vendor debt payout overhaul
  • 18:37 — new vendor panel
  • 19:33 — where to find info about our plans

How to contact us and offer feedback

  • About our plans and new developments: Fill in the contact form. It will get your message to someone best-suited to answer it.
  • About this video: leave your feedback in the comments on YouTube or here. While the video is new and relevant, we’ll be checking comments from time to time.

We hope that the information in this video will prove useful to you. Let us know and tell what you think.