Amazon Clone Script: Create Your Own Amazon-like marketplace

Open your own Amazon-like marketplace on CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Amazon clone script

What is an Amazon Clone Script and what it can be used for?

In this article, we're going to speak about the phenomenon of Amazon: its history, success in attracting millions of buyers and how to create an Amazon clone app. So, if you're planning to expand to other markets and start an Amazon clone on the Internet, you'll find some useful points here.

The Amazon company focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing development, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence development. But its core direction is eCommerce—the Amazon online market, an ecommerceplatform where sellers and buyers meet each other. Amazon was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, who is still the head of the company. Initially, it was an online bookstore; but later they expanded to other markets and started selling electronics, apparel, and other products. Now this ecommerce platform offers buyers almost any physical and digital products and services.

Amazon is the largest e-commerce market in the world and the largest multicart ecommerce platform by revenue. It not only has a web version but also mobile apps: iOS app and Android app where buyers can shop anywhere and anytime.

Looking at Amazon's success, entrepreneurs aim to achieve the same success by launching their own Amazon clones. And many of them begin with the same question—how to create an Amazon clone app. In this article, we'll try to answer this question and introduce to you an Amazon like ecommerce multicart shopping platform you'll need for the development of your Amazon clone website.

What Kind of Shopping Platform is Amazon and What Amazon Clone Script to Choose?

Amazon is an ecommerce marketplace that is built on a custom multi vendor ecommerce platform. On a marketplace, there are multiple independent sellers that showcase their products to buyers on a multicart storefront. And the virtual mall staff only maintains the e-commerce market. An Amazon clone app that is used as a base for multi seller website development is very well optimized for high load. Also, Amazon offers multiple payment options, which is convenient for buyers. You should keep this in mind when creating an Amazon clone or your own online marketplace using an Amazon clone app.

Also, Amazon has a mobile app that allows customers to conveniently shop on the go. So, an Amazon clone app development is another thing you need to consider. By the way, our free technical support includes a mobile app building for your ecommerce site (with Plus and Ultimate plans).
So, if you're wondering how to create an ecommerce business that will be an Amazon clone, the first thing you should do is to carefully choose an ecommerce software—the very base for the development of your future Amazon clone marketplace. Choosing an Amazon clone appcan become a hell of a challenge if you are not familiar with the ecommerce technical development market. So, when you will be testing different developments for online selling, pay attention to its features, performance, services, and support team

Make sure the Amazon clone app solution has at least these features:

User-friendly admin dashboard

Both amazon clone platform and its ecommerce app should have a convenient easy-to-use admin dashboard. This will simplify and speed up your onboarding.

Built-in payment gateways and shipping methods

Mobile apps for iOS and Android

The solution must have all the popular payment gateways and carriers out of the box. This will save you tons of money on third-party integrations.
The app can become your secret weapon. Buyers will appreciate shopping on your e-commerce market through a mobile application on their smartphones on the go.

Powerful seller management system

Plans for sellers, product approval, customizable storefront and backend, payout distribution system.

Powerful catalog management tools

Highload optimization

Make sure the multicart ecommerce platform allows you to create and edit products, import them via a CSV or an XML file, create options, product features, filters, and product variations
Multi seller websites like Amazon have to withstand monstrous load every minute. Make sure the amazon clone script you choose is a rather powerful development to handle thousands of buyers at a time without crashing or slowing down.

Cross-selling and upselling tools

Amazon suggests similar and complementary products to buyers, which can greatly increase the average bill. Make sure your amazon clone script has these features by default.

Simple and fast checkout

Reliable support team

This is one of the most important pages of your e-commerce Amazon clone market. It should be easy for buyers to complete their shopping otherwise they will leave your site for a competitor.
To maintain customer satisfaction, you should keep your amazon clone app up-to-date and working 24/7. A good support team can help you with that. You should have an ability to contact them quickly and easily right in the admin panel of your amazon clone platform.

How to make an Amazon clone on CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is a professional Amazon clone app. The development of the CS-Cart eCommerce marketplace platform was specially built in a way that anyone can create eBay or Amazon clone. It supports all the mentioned above features out of the box, plus an open source code is used in its development, which gives you almost limitless customizability and scalability. CS-Cart also ships with multiple payment options and shipping methods. It's a perfect solution to make an Amazon clone.

You can test every feature yourself in a free personal CS-Cart Multi-Vendor demo hosted on our server. Just complete a simple form and your demo will be created automatically in 15 seconds. It is available for 15 days.

When you're ready to install Multi-Vendor on your server, download the Multi-Vendor installation package, install it through your browser, and complete a simple setup wizard. After that you will have a fully-functional eCommerce marketplace platform ready to be filled with sellers and products. As a bonus, you can test the solution for 30 days after the installation without purchasing the license.
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How to make an Amazon clone website
Off-the-shelf Amazon clone script

The way to create your own marketplace using Amazon Clone Script

  • High Customizability
    CS-Cart Amazon Clone app features open source code, which means you have endless possibilities in adapting our marketplace script to your ecommerce business model. But in the beginning you won't even need to touch the source code: change the look and feel of your marketplace via the built-in layout and theme editors, construct a perfect checkout right on the storefront, and expand functionality of your Amazon clone via add-ons.
  • Powerful Vendor Management Tools
    Vendors are the driving force of your marketplace. Amazon Clone script offers a set of tools to effectively control them: offer vendors a micro-store and a fully-featured backend panel, set up automatic money distribution, motivate your vendors to pay you in time by blocking backend panels, control vendor privileges and payouts via vendor plans. With a app development service, you can get a mobile app for your vendors.
  • eCommerce Software You Truly Own
    You purchase CS-Cart Amazon Clone app on a yearly basis. It's very well supported—we release new versions almost every month, adding new features and enhancing security and performance. And you'll be getting updates for free. Official free technical support is also included. Technical support also includes free bug support—you will get issues fixed according to the Service-Level Agreement. App development is also available.

Create your perfect marketplace now

Open your own Amazon-like marketplace on CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Amazon Clone script. Unlimited customizations thanks to open source code.
  • Vendor Management
    Vendor micro-store with its own design: give your vendors access to a fully-featured micro-store with a storefront and an ability to modify the design.

    Customizable vendor panel: every vendor has their own backend panel, and you are free to enable and disable its menus and settings. It's up to you what vendors will be able to do in their backend panels. Vendors can manage their space via a mobile app. In this case, you need to order app development from our technical support team.

    Vendor plans: set a monthly fee for selling on your marketplace. You can offer your vendors multiple plans with different conditions and privileges.

    Vendor debt payout: if a vendor didn't pay for the plan in time, you are free to block the vendor panel until you get your money. Vendors pay their debts through the marketplace checkout.

    Advanced vendor payout system: Amazon clone app allows you to go either with automatic or manual vendor payouts. If you choose manual payouts, use the vendor accounting feature to record each payout.

    Vendor locations: display your vendors on the map and allow your customers to see the nearby vendors with the distance from the customer's exact location. Create product filters based on your vendors' location and improve your customers' experience making them return to your marketplace again and again. This is a must for a service and booking marketplace.
  • Responsive Design
    Responsive storefront and admin panel: admin panel, vendor panel, and the storefront are all responsive and convenient to use on any screen.

    Mobile apps for iOS and Android: Multi-Vendor Plus and Ultimate have a mobile Amazon clone app, which gives your customers extra convenience and improves their shopping experience.
  • Global eCommerce
    Multiple languages and currencies: CS-Cart Amazon clone script features 26 built-in translations and supports multiple currencies.

    70+ built-in payment services: it doesn't matter where your customers and vendors are from—you can offer them the best payment process for products and services and transactions.

    8 world's biggest carriers: offer worldwide delivery via 8 biggest delivery services such as USPS, DHL, FedEx, UPS, and others.
  • Convenient Money Distribution
    Automatic payouts: set up automatic payment distribution among your vendors and forget about manual operations.

    Manual payouts: take full control over the money flow in your marketplace—record payouts on the accounting page and pay out to your vendors manually.

    Vendor debt payout: your vendors can pay debts directly through the marketplace checkout. This is a great tool to motivate vendors to pay you in time—you can simply block the vendor panel until you get your money.
  • Powerful Catalog Tools
    45+ product parameters: each product has over 45 configurable properties, multiple images, features, and options. And you can create and setup products manually or import thousands of products via the import/export tool in no time.

    Super customizable product variations: a product can have different product features and you can generate the product variations from the features. Product variations are managed as normal products and can be found in the catalog through search.

    Flexible and fast product import: add, delete, and update thousands of products in a couple of clicks and minutes. You and your vendors can create import templates for every supplier by simply matching the fields. Once you create a template, use it to quickly import products from the same supplier in the future.

    Common products for vendors: create a common product base and allow your vendors to only sell these products. By sharing the product base among vendors, you will avoid duplicate catalog items and keep product pages nice, clean, and uniform.

    Product approval: check if a vendor's products meet your requirements before they appear on the storefront.
  • Marketing Kit
    One-step customizable checkout: with CS-Cart Amazon clone app, you can construct a perfect, converting checkout page right from the storefront, and customers will appreciate how it's easy and fast to place orders on your marketplace.

    Flexible promotions builder: create promotions with different conditions and bonuses. You'll be surprised how flexible the promotion builder is.

    Vendor's promotions: vendors can create their own promotions as well. Plus, you can give your vendors extra freedom—enable them to use their own payment gateway.

    Loyalty program: reward your customers with bonus points so that they return and spend these points on new purchases.

    Abandoned carts: track abandoned carts and send reminders via email.

    Cross-selling and upselling: increase the average bill by offering complementary products or more expensive products.

    Powerful SEO tools: make Google love your marketplace—enable human readable URLs, write meta descriptions, titles, and keywords, create Google rich snippets, Canonical URLs, and 301 redirects.

    Built-in blog: create a fully-functional blog inside your marketplace and post company news, product announcements, videos, or educational content. Google will love you for that.

    Comments and reviews: motivate your vendors to keep a high level of their service and high quality of their products by allowing the customers to rate vendors and leave feedback.

    Category commissions: set individual commission rates for certain categories. For example, decrease commissions for a low-margin product category to attract more vendors who sell this kind of products.

CS-Cart Amazon Clone Script Rating based on the reviews from real users

Our Amazon Clone Script is highly-rated software for marketplaces. It has an average rating of 4.75 out of 5 stars on the most popular user review platforms in the software industry: SourceForge, Capterra, G2, TrustPilot, and others.

Why build Amazon clone with CS-Cart Multi-Vendor clone script?

Over 1,600 virtual malls work on our Amazon clone script and some of them are damn huge
Features for Admins and Sellers
CS-Cart Multi-Vendor has separate panels for administrators and vendors, and provide its users with the features that allow sellers to quickly come to the marketplace and start selling, and admins—to run their businnes and focus on the prosperity and huge goals.
Over 70 Built-in Payment and Shipping Methods
CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is integrated with the most popular shipping methods (DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc.), and payment methods that allow you, among other things, to split payments between vendors (PayPal, Stripe)
Excellent Support
CS-Cart Customer Care is a team of professional IT-engineers ready to help you 24/7. The support provided includes answering questions on the product functionality, minor customizations and lifetime bug fixes.
Mobile Application for iOS and Android
Get your own mobile application with Multi-Vendor Plus and Ultimate. You do not need a developer and build your mobile marketplace from scratch.
Powerful Marketing and SEO Tools
CS-Cart Multi-Vendor allows you to create various promotions and use cross-selling tools to increase the income of your marketplace. And built-in SEO-tools will help indexing your website and lift it up in search results.
Open Source Code
If you have some developer skills and a minimum knowledge in PHP, it will be no problem for you to perform some minor customizations in your CS-Cart platform.
Marketplace of
Add-ons and themes
Although CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is a feature-rich solution, every marketplace has its specifics. If there is some specific feature that is missing for your platform, you can look for it on the CS-Cart Marketplace of add-ons and themes. And if you want to do a customization, you can also find a developer there.
Great High-Load Performance
Multi-Vendor supports an unlimited number of products and sellers and even with over 100,000 products onboard it works pretty fast and stays in the Google PageSpeed green zone, which is above 90 points out of 100.
Frequently Asked Questions
Need help? Here are the top questions asked by our customers about how to create an online marketplace
Amazon clone is basically an eCommerce business website with multiple sellers that sell products in various categories. Customers come to the website, add products from multiple sellers to the cart and place an order on a single check out page.