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Nowadays fast online shopping malls can bring a considerable profit markup and help your business to grow up into a selling giant selling affair like AirBnB, or Amazon. At the first blush, building one seems rather complicated. But you can surely manage it with a little help from professionals and a good dose of planning and thinking. Some high-tech geeks prefer writing up their own website marketplace script. Of course, this way is easier for small online shops but not for multi seller platforms. The last ones are more complicated and need more hardware capacity. In this case it’s quicker and more reliable to opt for a professional ready-to-use solution.

Certainly, there exist dozens of them, all well-tested and feature-packed. But pay attention to minor details – they make all the difference, and here the choice is completely up to you. I suggest that you compose a list of must-have features and functions for the e-mall of your dream. This list will become a helping hand in creating your own marketplace site. Just surf the web for all more or less popular multi vendor platforms, and compare their functionality with your proper list. You don’t need to try all of them your own – usually the major features are enumerated in the product description on the product home page.

Once you’re through with initial selection, it’s high time to start testing the applications – one-buy-one till you find the perfect match. Usually all builders offer free demo versions during a trial period of 14 or 30 days. Quite enough time to judge the solution and compare its characteristics with your must-haves. Don’t forget the esthetic point – your future e-mall should not only be reliable, secure and quick for both customers and vendors, but also eye-catching and beautiful. In this case your online market visitors should have a desire to come back there again. To ensure that take care of their comfort, security, wallet and pleasure, and they’ll finally become your loyal clients or even product ambassadors.

Multi vendor website templates are very important for vendors as they play the role of your mall business card. As the market owner or even admin, you should provide as many various templates as you can find in the chosen solution. But it’s not all about quantity – thousand templates of the same kind won’t help much. What you need is divers types of templates – for example, for different industries like flower industry, handmade objects, digital products, electronics and others. Each has some special aspects, and the website template should fit them. It goes without saying that a techno style template will never suit to a flower e-shop but will be perfect for a digital one. Be sure to protect all vendor financial data and personal information, as well as those of final customers. To feel yourself safe and sure, choose a responsible provider for security package, hosting services and even cloud storage. In this case you can be sure to offer the vendors a rocket-speed Internet connection, adequate SSL certificate protection and always-accessible data storage.

Fast online shopping mall

Fast online shopping malls are so numerous today that yours should have something special to get noticed. The question is how can you draw new vendors? First of all, as a newcomer in online mall business, you can offer promo prices during the first year. Perhaps, this will bring you just several vendors but is quite enough for “battle testing” of your new selling platform functionality, admin and management tasks. As for the order itself, think about single-page checkout and multiple payment methods. A long, complicated and not intuitive checkout process is one of major reasons why customers leave the e-store without finishing the order. Some web shops have interesting products, very attractive pictures and prices. But when a customer starts making the order and needs to fill in 2 or 3 pages with various information about the order, his personal data, payments details, delivery address and so on, he can get sick and tired of all that before final payment. In this case he will leave your web marketplace without any purchase and never come back. Moreover, he can give negative references about it to others, so you’ll lose prospects. In fact, it’s a common rule – a satisfied customer can bring you prospects, as well as a dissatisfied one can turn them off your webstore forever. The same is true for payment methods – if a customer doesn’t find a suitable payment method he will close your web store and look for another.

Don’t forget about marketplace administration and management. It’s better to be accessible for vendors not only by email by also in online messengers like Skype, Viber or ICQ. It helps you to keep contact with them in case of technical problems on the platform itself (for example, Internet security or hosting issues), inform them about computed solution. As for e-mall management itself, generally it doesn’t take much time and effort due to integrated tools for sales and profit analysis, and marketing instruments. The first vendors will be your testers, and that’s quite normal. Their complaints and remarks will help you to improve the marketplace operations, customer services and thus boost up the client satisfaction. Finally, these vendors can even become your partners in online mall development and growth. Their advice may provide you with valuable ideas about the amelioration of your marketplace website, so don’t neglect them.

Usually the first year of multi vendor sales is a difficult one because you have to refine, complete, change and develop dozens of processes that don’t work correctly. Take it easy, it’s inevitable and will surely drive you to success.

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I like the fast support and the constant updates. Plus, the platform is so flexible, which makes it great with the add-ons. I've been looking for a Multi-vendor platform for a long time. I even reach development companies to build it for me. I was willing to pay up to $30,000 to have a professional one. The market is full with the e-shopping platforms, but no one is supporting the Multi-Vendor platform as CS cart. It is easy to use and to build without any professional help. It was built from the scratch to support Multi-vendors, not like other e-commerce services where you have the multi-vendor as an add-ons feature.Osama A.

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