Published: May 25, 2018 Last updated: Jul 30, 2021 Yan Kulakov
Why online marketplace software is a very good idea to create profitable business? Due to the fact that technology penetrates into our lives, the number of people who make purchases on the Internet increases every year. The last year more than 1 billion people around the world bought something online. Thus, the Internet commerce industry is ready to develop and expand. Now is the time to start doing business online with help of online marketplace software. Internet commerce is a serious business that requires an appropriate, clear and consistent approach. However, there is no doubt — in a few months of painstaking work all efforts will be rewarded in the form of stable sales and satisfied customers.

Tips for conducting successful Internet commerce

Act wise and no hurry. The huge mistake of online entrepreneurs is that they are in a hurry with the launch of their business. However, there is only one chance to create a good website, and the main is not to miss the moment. Immediate launch of the site can be made only after the completion of the main work (SEO-optimization, content marketing, social media, paid advertising, etc.).

Communicate with the audience. If there is a chance to ask the customers what they need, you should definitely do it. Conduct polls, use feedback — this will help communicate with potential clients and understand what they want. Listening to purchasers will be much easier to understand how and where to move on. It is reasonable to use such tools as question and answer page, periodic mailing on the customer base with surveys about the quality and opportunities for improving the service, and so on. Buyers are always loyal to business, which is not afraid of constructive criticism and is open to communication with the audience.

Distinguish your business from others. To succeed, it is needed to differ from competitors not only in design. Therefore, it is worthwhile to think about other opportunities to stand out. For example, interesting promotions, a loyalty program, a discount for a second product in the basket, an extended warranty of the store, and so on.

Wikifarmer—the CS-Cart-based marketplace for farmers that offers a huge knowledge base on farming and gardening.

Analyze everything. Even if traffic grows and sales are stable, it's too early to rest on laurels. First, it is always possible to improve profits even at the same level of attendance. To do this, it is necessary to collect and analyze the data about transactions, abandoned baskets, to look for ways to increase the conversion (the number of buyers in relation to the total attendance). Secondly, do not forget that competitors do not sleep. There are only ten positions in the top of the search and sometimes it's enough just to stop the work on the site for a month or two to lose the positions. Even after a successful launch and with a steady stream of sales, the online store needs to constantly develop and increase its market share. Otherwise, competitors will take care of this.

The goal of all these activities is to present a platform to public at a high level. The more opportunities are used to represent the shopping center in a positive light, the more people will become its regular customers. Creating an online store — the task is quite difficult for a beginner, but feasible. The most optimal variant of its solution is to use a good program. This will save a lot of time and energy in the future.

Multi vendor ecommerce site

Multi-Vendor ecommerce marketplace is the most profitable designer for creating a huge shopping center where each can place a large number of different stores. This platform has the most powerful functionality for online trading. With the help of this program, it is possible to create in the shortest possible time a shopping center for the sale of various goods and services with all the functions for profitable on-line trading. The main advantage of this constructor is the unlimited addition of stores and accordingly of goods that each seller can add to his store. The simplicity and convenience of the platform will allow creating a huge shopping and without the help of programmers and other professionals. In addition, the program offers a large selection of unique and beautiful thematic templates. The developers took care of the simplicity of management and created a user's personal cabinet in which the options of on-line trading are available: managing online stores, orders, reviews, viewing statistics and generally full control of the resource.

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor marketplace platform has all the essential features for starting an eCommerce marketplace. So, if you ever Google “How to start an online marketplace from scratch”, Google no more. Check what Multi-Vendor offers:

Advanced Vendor Payout System
Common Products for Vendors
Configurable Vendor Plans
Category Commissions
Advanced Vendor Restrictions
Flexible Product Approval System
Vendor Debt Payout

Also Multi-Vendor store suggests:

  1. unique design, ready-made templates or ready-made elements, as well as own creation;
  2. detailed catalog with the goods and their descriptions, characteristics, photo, video;
  3. automatic sale of 24/7;
  4. acceptance of online payments;
  5. customizable delivery options;
  6. powerful marketing and SEO functions;
  7. convenient product catalog;
  8. excellent functioning on mobile devices;
  9. multi-language support;
  10. creation of a working online store with a convenient and powerful basket, goods search, on-line payment system;
  11. filling of the resource with news, articles, texts;
  12. perform site optimization;
  13. ability to independently make any changes to the site, both during the development process and after its launch.
Using Multi-Vendor ecommerce site will help to create a multifunctional working shopping center, where many sellers will be able to sell their goods and provide any services, and the owner will constantly receive percentages from the commission for any money transfers implemented made inside.

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