Published: May 15, 2018 Last updated: Aug 5, 2021 Yan Kulakov
Use Multi-vendor software for the creation a high-level shopping mall. E-commerce is getting more and more popular these days. Every day there are hundreds of new online stores, there is growing competition in all the areas of the online trading. Therefore, a lot of businessmen create virtual shopping centers today inviting sellers there to sell various goods by having their own stores there. However, the creation of such a shopping mall is only half the work. Another important part is its popularization in the network.

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Methods to promote the Internet shopping center:

  1. Check the work of the entire shopping center. It is foolish beginning to untwist a resource, if it does not yet have a 100% readiness for working. Check each small detail and fix the shortcomings, because any minor drawback can reduce the number of resource visitors.
  2. Sellers must write a unique description of goods and products on each page of their store. Texts are an important thing in promotion. It is needed to make unique information for each product, group or category. Also, do not forget about the main page. The fact is that the global searching systems have serious approach to the uniqueness of any texts, otherwise such a search system can ban the resource, and may cause a complete lack of attendance.
  3. Create a positive reputation all over the web. It is very important to have a positive reputation in the Internet for every virtual shopping center and online store therefore it is necessary to create unreal, but positive reviews about them. Naturally, it should look like a response of a satisfied buyer.
  4. Conduct advertising in social networks. Today, social networks have captured the Internet community and almost everyone has an account in the social network. Therefore, it is reasonable to carry out promotions in social systems: create groups, write advertising posts, advise people where to make a purchase, put links, etc. However, advertising should not look like spam.
  5. Analysis of competitors' sites. This is necessary first of all to understand what they do, how they move forward, what methods and strategy they use and which direction they have chosen.
Reliable Multi-vendor solution

Creating and optimizing the shopping center allows owners to simplify many tasks that is an important factor in business development. Multi-vendor platform is a functional program that allows creating huge trading platforms and automate any processes occurring there. With such unique innovative marketplace software, an organization of any size or individual can easily create a virtual shopping center with many detached online stores, where the seller will sell various products. There is no need to be a programmer and have profound knowledge in the field of web technologies to launch the e-commerce platform. The program allows solving most of the problems by yourself without the involvement of expensive specialists.

Multi seller ecommerce platform

The owner of the Internet shopping center can fully control all the processes occurring on its trading portal. He can choose the sellers himself and allow them to use the functions of the e-mall to sell various products. The administrator of the trading platform will receive a commission for the goods and products sold by the buyers. A multi seller ecommerce platform has a wide basic functionality - multilanguage and multicurrency features, built-in payment modules and automatic calculation of the cost of delivery, comparison of goods and bookmarks.

The main functions of the online marketplace platform:

  1. Catalog of goods. A shopping mall software provides a convenient addition of goods and descriptions to them. If the number of articles is counted for hundreds and thousands of titles, the selected program provides the possibility of unloading commodity items in an automatic mode.
  2. Templates of design. There are various design options of the store, as well as the ability to change the location of blocks and other elements in order to make the site convenient and increase the conversion.
  3. Order and payment. Making a purchase is extremely simple for the average user. Comprehensible functionality - there are only main fields for filling, automatic calculation of the total cost taking into account the delivery. The multi-vendor platform offers the most popular payment methods.
  4. Opportunities for search optimization. The ecommerce application is adapted to the current requirements of search systems. This is an important thing for site promoting and increasing sales through organic traffic.
  5. Convenient shopping cart which allows the user to purchase as many orders as possible within a single order, and also track the total purchase amount.
Marketplace software offers additional functions:

  1. filtration of goods;
  2. commodity accounting;
  3. work with promotional codes and promotions;
  4. statistics and history of purchases;
  5. a catalog of add-ons and ready-made templates;
  6. built-in payment and delivery modules;
  7. multicurrency;
  8. the ability to maintain commodity accounting;
  9. built-in system of payment and calculation of the cost of delivery;
  10. setting up the system for sorting goods by the administrator.
Advantages for customers

Convenient catalog search. It has many functions and it is easy to configure. Such a search system will significantly shorten the client's way to the goods, allow to find the desired position quickly and make a purchase. Fast customer registration.

Product photos. A good picture of a product in an online store is what helps selling better. Manager can skillfully master the art of eloquence, but it is better to see the goods once with your own eyes. Visitors will review the product to the smallest detail. To do this, they just need to click on the photo and the enlarged image.

Step-by-step registration of orders. The buyer is always know on what step of ordering he is.

Calculation the cost of delivery. During placing an order the shipping cost is calculated automatically.

By summing up, ecommerce marketplace has many advantages not only for owners, but also for sellers and buyers. This fact makes the use of this software even more profitable for everyone.

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