Working together offers numerous benefits and remarkable opportunities for millions of modern online stores. That's why, multi-vendor stores have become one of the hottest business trends nowadays. For example, an online gift and souvenir shop may join with other vendors from the related field like those selling flowers, jewelery and perfumes; tea and coffee shops may come perfectly along with websites selling tea and coffee sets, mugs, sweets and baked goods, etc. This will not only make your web store look bigger and more professional, but also deliver your customers the convenience of purchasing different products from a single location.

multi-vendor online stores

Multi-Vendor online store designed with CS-Cart

Do you wonder how it's possible to create an efficient partnership and still stay independent in your multiple store web project? Take advantage of multi-vendor ecommerce software - an extended ecommerce shopping cart platform that is developed specifically for building an online marketplace where different vendors can display their products at the same time. If you're looking for such an ecommerce shopping cart solution supporting multiple vendors and offering comprehensive functionality at a reasonable price, then CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Edition can be the most deliberate choice.

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CS-Cart Multi-Vendor admin panel

Multi-Vendor Edition

Based on the CS-Cart robust engine and incorporating all its essentials, it has additionally integrated advanced multi-vendor options and features allowing multiple different vendors sell their products in a single online store through a shared storefront and product catalog.

When purchasing goods from different vendors, your customers will still place them in a single shopping cart and pay only once. Our smart software solution will automatically identify and dispatch orders to related stores separately.

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Multiple vendors can sell their products in a single online store

As any other CS-Cart editions, Multi-Vendor is built using the latest and smartest ecommerce technologies, such as PHP and MySQL to store all your data conveniently and Smarty template engine to modify your web store look and feel in accordance with your needs. Due to the absolutely open source code, our multi-vendor shopping cart system offers plenty of opportunities and unmatched customization - you're allowed to make any changes in the program source code and extend its predefined functionality.

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