Published: Oct 31, 2011 Last updated: Aug 5, 2021 Yan Kulakov

Commerce has a long tradition of attracting clients while allowing to offer goods and services to the target audience. Due to new computer technologies, different vendors have a wonderful opportunity to expand their business dramatically by conducting transactions through the Internet. Online stores are the perfect example of electronic commerce allowing to sell digital or physical products in real-time to people around the Globe.

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Have you already launched your own web store? Then you might be interested in improving its overall functionality by offering products from multiple vendors in a single location. A multi-vending concept has proved its efficiency for businesses that try to reach more customers nationwide and beyond as in accordance with the statistics data, people would rather purchase something from a single store instead of surfing the Web and visiting numerous e-stores to buy different items.

At we are ready to meet your custom e-commerce requirements and offer one of the best e-commerce platforms for your related needs. Our powerful multi-vendor e-commerce software provides advanced multi-channel functionality allowing you to create an online marketplace with independent sellers or many separate departments and manage them with minimum efforts involved.

Teclacenter—one of the largest marketplaces of musical instruments in Brazil. The marketplace is built on CS-Cart Multi-Vendor.


CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is an extended edition of CS-Cart shopping cart software specifically designed for online stores requiring multi-vendor functionality. Built using 100% open source technologies, our multi-vendor e-commerce solution can be easily installed on your website (hosting server) to help you handle multiple suppliers. And due to open source code, hook-based modular architecture, and impressive flexibility, you are able to change the look and feel of your web store in a matter of a few steps.

  • Advanced vendor payout system: you can split payments to receive vendor commissions automatically
  • Configurable vendor plans: you can offer sellers payment plans with special conditions
  • Flexible product approval system: make sure your sellers sell only allowed products with clean descriptions and nice images
  • Common Product Database for Vendors: allow vendors to sell products from your own catalog only
  • Category Commissions: take a bigger commission from high-margin products and vice versa
  • Advanced Vendor Restrictions: configure vendor panel super flexibly
  • Vendor Debt Payout: block vendor panel if the vendor owes you money
  • Customizable One-Page Checkout: create a checkout page that will sell
  • Vendor-specific categories: assign specific categories to your sellers
  • Over 70 integrated payment methods: offer your customers the best and the most convenient payment options
  • And 500 more features

While including all standard shopping cart features necessary to build a successful and competitive online business, CS-Cart Multi-Vendor edition comes with advanced multi-vendor management opportunities allowing you to build a virtual web mall, where all the products can be found in a single location. No matter how many independent vendors are allowed to sell through your marketplace - they can manage their product lists with a common storefront and product catalog. In addition, our multi-vendor e-commerce platform makes it possible to get rid of all manual work involved in vendor management since each vendor is provided with a separate administration panel to manage own inventory and orders.

According to SourceForge, where CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is recognized as the marketplace eCommerce software category leader, customers appreciate the platform for its simplicity and feature-richness:
I absolutely am head over heels for CS-Cart Multi-Vendor. If you are a small or medium sized business CS-Cart is the perfect shopping cart solution for you. — Missy R. I have an experience with choosing the most powerful software for goods marketplace from 5-6 systems already available to buy - this one is the best option. Using this software for about 1 year and think that it's really worth its money. — Alexey M..
First of all, it's useful to note that the control panel is simple and intuitive to use. Our specialists were able to quickly master the principles of its work thanks to step-by-step video tutorials and comprehensive documentation. Also, we can always count on professional technical support, regular improvements and updates. — Olga G. Excellent multi-vendor software for online stores. Stable and most reliable product from my experience of almost one year. If you do not believe me just search BIGBAG.PK on Google and check out for yourself the final product which is the outcome of the CS-Cart Multivendor Software. Keshav G.

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