Nowadays we live in the world of high technologies which become available to everyone. Internet is a part of the ordinary life that provides special informational services, and no one is impressed by it. In the twenty-first century, the global web is used not only for searching and storage different pieces of information, but it is a global virtual marketplace for the purchase and sale of products. There is a huge number of catalogues of shops, firms, companies, etc. Firstly, businesses use the Internet for advertising their offline stores, so by this way prospective buyers could familiarize with offered products and services. And over time, manufactures and shopkeepers began to offer buying online. So, let’s take a look at the online shop. What is it? It is a virtual showcase, where customers can select and buy the required products without leaving home. First and furthermost, as opposed to an ordinary store, there is no need to buy or rent premises for a physical shop. One should note here, it is enough to have or rent a storage space. You won’t have to spend your time to find professional sellers therefore you will save your money on paying salaries. Of course, you do not have to buy special trade equipment, like, cash registers, showcases, shelves and many other things. Another good thing about creation an online store is that you don’t need to do repairs, paying for designers and other maintenance. We can say that creating an online store is easier and cheaper. Firstly, you don’t need to have all of you products available at your warehouse. Secondly, you won’t have a trade marketplace that’s why you don’t waste your money on it. And there are many other good things about creating a virtual marketplace.

But more recently a multi seller marketplace has significantly increased in organization virtual trading business. What is the type of virtual store organization? It is an Ecommerce website where different vendors can sell their products online and the owner of this multi store receives proceeds of the provision services and advertising of vendors’ shops and gets commissions from sales. So we can name the most popular multi-vendor websites, they are AliExpress, Ebay, Amazon and you can try to take a worthy place in the virtual trading business. Any vendor can join a virtual mall, starts sales and there is no need to pay for website registration. But the only they need to pay is commissions from sales or a fixed amount at a certain time. Everything depends on agreements between the owner of a Ecommerce website and acceded sellers. When sellers are organized in one multi-vendor store, they start work for themselves and at the same time they work together to achieve a common goal. For the successful company every seller should be aware that he is an important part of the store, because they effect reputation of a big project. So that is a guarantee of a successful company.

Actually, we can say that multi-seller websites are much in demand nowadays. At a present, there is a wide variety of developers who make website plugins to meet requirements of people who want to come together and start selling their own products in one webstore, which is called multi-vendor marketplace. However in general we can distinguish three groups of such vendors’ associations to sell online. The first is a webstore where sellers or producers can sell their physical products. At the second type of shops in the Internet buyers can find products which they can only download after purchasing. And the last is a virtual marketplace in which just services are represented. So these types are fundamental, but, of course, we can find exceptions where we can see mixed types.

Maybe you like an idea of earning from selling your own products in the Internet, but you have a limited amount of money. Therefore, you are afraid that you don’t have enough financial resources to organize initial purchases for the e-shop. Creating of multi-vendor marketplace is a perfect decision for you. You can download multi-vendor software from CS-Cart. This solution enables you to create your own multi-vendor marketplace. It is worth nothing at the first stage because our company offers you free use for 30 days. During this time you can do your first steps on your way to the successful business. In the first week of using your own multi-seller website, you can customize it and invite your first vendors. Well, then you will have time to start sales and get your fist commissions from it. When you run you virtual marketplace with a different number of vendors you need to find not ordinary sellers, but like-minded sellers. This partnership and mutual assistance will contribute to achieving greater cooperation. CS-Cart software is well-known and occupies one of the leading positions in ratings of solutions for online shops. Users of our software prefer it because of its advanced features necessary for set up multi-vendor marketplace. Also, the seller dashboard and admin control are multifunctional.

Multi-store system

One of the most important elements for vendors and customers of the multi-seller store is a payment method. Here are three main ways of payments can be identified: online, on delivery and at a delivery company or post office. Let’s learn more about them. Payment online becomes the most demanded, because of its convenience and simplicity. We are happy to tell you that we have over 70 payment gateways. It allows working with sellers from different parts of the world and selling their products worldwide. Customers prefer to pay online, because they don’t need to have cash, when they want to purchase. It is generally agreed that payment on delivery is the safest, because there aren’t any risks. Moreover, a buyer can check an order, test it or try on. And the last one is payment on delivery at the post office, by this way there is no risks for sellers, because a customer gets his order just after making payments.

To have one online store is good, but set up one more or create trading network is better. It will really increase your profits, because in difference with an offline shopping chain there will be no geographical limitations. Multi-store is an ideal solution for extending online trading business. You will set up your Ecommerce website in an easy way, short time and much cheaper. All of you needs will be in one multi-store system. Another good thing about it is that you will be able to create, customize and control your web stores at all. You can host different shops at one server by our platform, but there is a possibility to separate them on different servers (if you require it, please, consult our experts and they will do it for you). Therefore, it will be facilitated because there is no need to work on different websites and with different tools or different licenses. We should pay attention to a multi-store shopping cart. It is convenient and simple in usage. So you will be pleased to manage all of your shops from one server.

Let’s sum up what do you need to do for successful online business. So, for beginning you should choose the type of your store and content management system. At our website you can buy and download necessary software. Here is our friendly staff that is always ready to help you.

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