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There are two ways you can opt for when launching a marketplace. You can either write up your own website marketplace script, or choose a professional ready-to-use script such as CS-Cart Multi-Vendor.

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Software overview

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is a self-hosted open-source solution for online marketplaces.It comes with a vast variety of features such as:
User-friendly separate panels for marketplace administrators and vendors
Multiple design templates
Configurable one-page checkout system
Over 70 integrated payment methods
Manual and real-time shipping rate calculations
SEO, cross-selling and up-selling tools
Export and import of data
Mobile application and many more
software overview

Key Features

Advanced Seller Payout System

Popular payment gateway for marketplaces integrated to our multi vendor eCommerce platform, and flexible accounting system, allow you to easily distribute the money between sellers and get your share.

Configurable Vendor Plans

Set conditions and limitations for each seller plan and define the monthly fee.

Flexible Product Approval System

Sellers add products to your online marketplace themselves. After adding products you approve them to be sure that only approved products or services appear on the marketplace storefront.

Multiple Levels of Admin Access

Assign privileges to your managers so that they could only have access to the platform features and data they work with.

Detailed Statistics and Reports

View sales statistics and reports with diagrams and detailed information about transactions and the business in general.

Separate Control Panel

Sellers have their own user-friendly panel with all essential features and tools to come to your marketplace and start selling

Multiple Translations

Your multi-vendor website can be translated to any language. If you work globally, multiple languages are a must for your digital marketplace.

Micro-Store for Every Vendor

Every digital marketplace seller can get a fully-featured personal storefront with their own products, filters, category tree, and other must-have elements.

Bulk Product Upload

To speed up the start of your vendors we developed the advanced import feature for our platform. Vendors come to your marketplace, upload their products in bulk and start selling immediately.

Product Reviews

Customers can always share detailed reviews with product advantages and disadvantages, and even attach images to them.


Allow your customers to create their own collections of products they want to buy and save them in their accounts.

Flexible Promotion System

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor allows you to offer your customers various discounts to encourage your loyal buyers, and attract new clients to your digital platform.

Mobile Application

Offer a new way to buy from your multi-vendor marketplace via an app for Android and iOS devices.

Simplicity on every step

Though coming with an impressive set of features CS-Cart Multi-Vendor does not require any specific skills or programming knowledge.

Admin and vendor panels are quite intuitive and simple to learn, and the script itself is PHP-based, which makes it easier to find a developer if needed.
simple interface

Benefits of PHP Marketplace

Why it is a good idea to use PHP script for marketplaces
PHP is a very popular programming language. According to W3Techs, PHP is used by around 79% of all websites. Many huge companies such as Facebook, Etsy, Wikipedia or Slack still use PHP in their architecture. Lots of developers are familiar with PHP, and love it.


Developing PHP website from scratch may take a lot of money and effort. Using a ready-developed script may reduce the expenses and save your precious time. And your nerves.

Time and money saving

Since 1995, PHP has a huge and loyal community base to support it. There are thousands of tutorials and FAQs for PHP-newbies to help them quickly learn the ropes of programming masterhood.

Strong community-supported

As PHP has a pretty long developmental history, the main issues has been found and fixed. Now the language is stable and secure, which makes PHP scripts one of the most reliable and easy to maintain.

Well-tested and experienced


Why Choose CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Script

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is aimed to help you quickly lanch your marketplace and grow it with no limits

Easy installation

The installation is almost as easy as installing an app on your computer. And we can do it for you.
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No-code storefront tools

You can arrange content on your marketplace storefront with drag and drop and edit text on-site.
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2,000 add-ons

You don't need a programmer to code a custom feature. Visit our marketplace of add-ons — what you need is most likely there.
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Customer care

After you create an online marketplace, you will probably have questions about its configuration. We are here to give you the answers. Learn more about our customer care.
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How to Build a Marketplace with CS-Cart

There are eight essential steps you want to go through when launching your marketplace

How to Build a Marketplace with CS-Cart

There are eight essential steps you want to go through when launching your marketplace


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