Ecommerce provides unique opportunities for existing businesses and startups to enter a global market place. It does not require lots of investments and if it is tackled right success is going to be inevitable. The problem is that lots of bodies and particularly newcomers do not know where to start. In fact, the actual business model of buying and selling looks pretty simple but there are lots of trick and catches that are hidden beneath. Individuals do not know how to cash their profits on the Net, how to deal with customers, how to place orders with their suppliers on the Net, how to get a merchant and link it to the bank account and many other things. Here is where marketplace PHP solutions in the form of Multi Vendor come into place. It helps to kick start an online business quickly and efficiently with minimum risk for an entrepreneur investor. Therefore, there is no need of applying for the new shopping mall program developments as everything comes ready in one single ecommerce package that has proved to be extremely successful!

How it simplifies the startup?

Any individual who would like to commence their commercial activities on the Net will have to face several obstacles on the way of his business get running. The first thing that will have to be faced is the number of employees that will have to carry out day to day activities. Orders, sales, customer care services, handling transactions and etc. All of these factors require qualified labors who will work for you 24/7. With a Multi Vendor script this is going to be avoided right from the beginning. You will need the only one person who will work in a position of administrator, while the marketplace software will deal with every of the above mentioned aspects by itself! For that reason, it is not only the time that is saved as there is no need of waiting for new shopping mall programs to be developed but also the business becomes extremely efficient because monthly payroll bill is reduced to its minimum making the business very efficient! Again, there is no need to be waiting for new marketplace script to be developed. Everything comes in one single package and ready to be used. Apart from that, it provides outstanding opportunity to diversify the business right from the beginning and make profits from other vendors who have an opportunity to join in the trading platform and pay you some commissions on regular basis. It is going to be like EBay where other smaller sellers come in and use the ecommerce platform to sell their products. What Multi Vendor owner gets is the opportunity to create its own online mall with hundreds and thousands of other sellers coming in, selling their staff and expanding the range of offered products to customers.

Every online vendor will have its own separate panel as well as separate mini Internet store. The marketplace soft has twenty six different translations with all the major languages; hence descriptions are automatically translated as well as communications with customers are translated in real life too. As vendors and their clients are located in different parts of the world the shopping mall platform offers unique opportunity to make real time manual shipping calculations, which is beneficial for both customers and sellers. Clients can leave feedbacks and write comments to each vendor. Every seller and you get reports and statistics, account balances and sales data. Therefore, shopping mall management software solutions does not only simplifies the process of opening up a new web store but also gives you an opportunity of creating a virtual shopping mall to deal with customers internationally.

What the multi vendor soft is needed for?

There are few features that clearly explain what the marketplace program is needed for. First of all, it offers the comprehensive vendor payout system. It receives payments, makes refunds and collects commissions, making payments to suppliers. Secondly, it provides in detailed statistics and reports to vendor and the administrator, so both parties can have a look where the seller can improve and built a viable plan for the future. Thirdly, it provides you and every other online vendor with advanced order management solutions. It makes sure that you always have sufficient number of goods in online store and particularly what is actually in constant demands. Fourthly, the shopping mall program provides products approval system, which not only determines the demands for the products but also analyses feedbacks and configures data from questioners that is filled in on suppliers’ behalf. The fifth thing is referred to configurable vendor plans by developing strategy of how sales could be increased and activities improved. Finally, the multi vendor script will enable you and your partners to seal the deals quickly and efficiently, communicate to customers in their own languages, receive payments and make refunds, placing orders as a single administrator can run multi vendor website on his own. It also provides multiple administrative accesses, so you can get into the ecommerce system and check what is going on by yourself.

What are strengths and weaknesses?

When talking about weaknesses, it is very difficult to find any. The only one real weakness that can be found could be noticed in any similar shopping mall platform and this is based on the fact that the administrator should learn how to use the marketplace software to perfection. There is no room for a mistake and that definitely will take some time before a person will get to grips with using it. It is obvious that such weakness could be observed with the use of any other multi vendor tools; hence it is all quite normal. The range of strengths is in fact enormous and it includes the following:

  1. Twenty six translations will enable ease of communication with any customer and supplier in any part of the world.
  2. Sophisticated payout system does not require vendors to open business bank accounts and connect it to merchants as the system collects payments and makes refunds by itself.
  3. Manual shipping calculations are done immediately in real time environment.
  4. It provides an opportunity for each vendor to have its own separate panel and mini web store.
  5. Opportunity to view account balances, statistics, sales reports etc.
  6. Admin controls every unfulfilled order.
  7. Order status updates.
  8. Maximum security is provided as no one apart from administrator can access vendors’ panels.

Licensed marketplace platform

When it comes to purchasing a licensed marketplace platform, it enables you to create your very own online shopping mall, which will be very attractive to customers worldwide. It provides the foundation for implementing high quality customer services that are provided in many different languages, gives an opportunity to leave feedback and comments on each online vendor front page, make sure the orders are fulfilled on time and the costs of shipping could be determined immediately. The above mentioned factors help to provide outstanding service and impeccable customer services, which is clearly very attractive to every customer. It is the high quality service that is can be created with the help of the high quality foundation program that can make your very own online business to be successful! Again, there is no need to order very expensive custom version via services of software development company because everything has already been made and has proved to be every successful, so it is ready made high quality marketplace script is going to make your own online store attractive to clients all over the world!

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