Personal needs and secret dreams always make us work on ourselves, spend much of our precious time and even sacrifice our happiness. Businessmen and entrepreneurs know the real sense of these words more than anybody else, as they have to risk, interact with different people and even work hard from early days to late nights without weekends and holidays. Moreover, if businessmen can't determine their business goals and solve nascent problems and obstacles, they will lose all to the last cent and get into debts. Trying to avoid these terrible business practices and reach their individual goals, some vendors may start promoting and offering their products and services through various online business projects. Such business companies allow entrepreneurs to cut their costs and get impressive revenues, as online stores and malls are available for visiting and shopping almost in all countries. Notwithstanding these facts, plenty of online vendors can't boast of earning much money and getting high popularity. This is rather clear, as ecommerce merchants also have to compete against each other, spend financial resources on their online startups and provide their clients with excellent customer experience. Frequently, those online businessmen, who don't possess enough skills and funds to manage their ecommerce websites on their own, have to think about cooperation strategies, as such approaches can help them not only protect their business activities, but also take their web projects to a newer business level. is one of Vietnam’s largest online marketplaces selling apparel and shoes. It is built on CS-Cart Multi-Vendor.

Currently, more and more companies and corporations prefer to resort to all possible cooperation techniques and methods to survive in competitive conditions of the business world and the same concerns to ecommerce merchants. Very often, online businessmen, who aspire to create large web business companies, organize online multiple marketplaces. An online multiple marketplace can be compared with a traditional shopping mall, as it also includes separate store departments and hundreds of independent merchants, who implement their business operations under a single trading roof. This ecommerce project provides his owner with new business opportunities, such as new customer segments, valuable business partners and significant profits. Furthermore, becoming a marketplace owner, you will get unique experience in PR, management and marketing fields, what will help you solve the most difficult issues and interact with very choosy customers without difficulties. Nevertheless, managing your ecommerce project, you shouldn't forget about your marketplace vendors. As independent merchants will pay fees to you and follow your marketplace rules, so you will have to do all your best to make their individual web store departments fast and constantly accessible. To reach these goals, it is not enough just to optimize your web store, you will also have to find and buy a reliable web shopping cart. Thanks to CS-Cart internet store software, you will be able to increase your online mall speed and performance dramatically.

DroneNetTR is a Turkish online marketplace selling new and used drones. The marketplace works on CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

Virtual Marketplace Program

Launching an online multiple marketplace, you will have to be ready not only to interact with independent vendors and serve online clients, but also protect their transactions and personal information. In such a situation, online businessmen must equip their ecommerce websites with strong security systems and carefully encrypt users' data. This is a very important aspect for online customers and vendors, as they want to be sure that nobody will steal their valuable information and commercial secrets. Choosing Multi-Vendor software, you will be able to make your customers' and merchants' dreams come true. In the other words, our ecommerce software will provide all your web mall vendors with separate admin panels, which will help them not to interfere with each other and totally secure their selling operations.

If you intend to occupy leading positions in the ecommerce marketplace, so you will also have to think about customer needs and preferences. You can be sure that your marketplace merchants will not be able to attract online clients and promote your business brand without using additional customer services and applications. So, after equipping your large online business project with Multi-Vendor ecommerce software, independent vendors will get an opportunity to add following ecommerce tools: smart product filters, automatic inventory control systems and easy one-page checkout forms to their individual web store departments, what will only improve your relationships with online customers.

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is packed with all the functions you need to build an effective eCommerce mall and offer great tools to your vendors and customers:

Advanced Vendor Payout System
Common Products for Vendors
Configurable Vendor Plans
Category Commissions
Advanced Vendor Restrictions
Flexible Product Approval System
Vendor Debt Payout

As a rule, when online businessmen organize ecommerce malls, they are usually unable to control all processes within these web projects, what can spoil all their business plans with time. Thanks to an account of a root store administrator our web shopping carts provide their owners with, you will get a chance to track what marketplace merchants add to product catalogs and pre-moderate their activities if required. However, if you want to increase our marketplace platform speed and performance, you can hire one of these developers, who will improve its open source code rather easily.

According to your goals, you can choose from 3 editions of CS-Cart Multi-Vendor:

  1. Multi-Vendor: over 500 features including all the essential and advanced functions for vendors.
  2. Multi-Vendor Plus: all the features of the standard edition + 7 exclusive features such as promotions by vendors, common products for vendors, category commissions, mobile app, and others.
  3. Multi-Vendor Ultimate: all of the above + multiple storefronts, free lifetime upgrades, and VIP customer care.

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