Lesson 49. Content — Pages. Part 2

This time we are going to describe some tips related to page tree, root pages, and subpages in CS-Cart online store shopping cart software.

It often happens so that root pages are left empty while other pages thrive with content. There are two ways to deal with this problem — fill pages with content, or turn root pages into links. In the first case use a dynamic page tree. This tree adds pages related to this subpage, so the tree is not presented in full scale. This way there will be at least the list of other pages which is better than nothing.

And in the second case you can turn root pages into links that will only redirect customers to content pages of online ecommerce solution. Actually it will require to create new root pages with the link type which will result in reassigning almost all pages in the tree. But satisfaction costs much more than this. And by the way there is the practical reason behind all this—search engines will stop bothering you if all pages have content or serve as simple redirects. So when on a storefront we click on this root page we are redirected to the first subpage in the list.

Next. As you might know if we use general layouts, the block, the page tree block in our case, is added to all pages of the selected layout. To fix that, use individual Layouts tabs, and disable the block if needed. You can also change the content of the block to blend it with other content of e-commerce software.

That was small tips that will help to manage pages in your ecommerce software platform.