Lesson 48. Content — Pages. Part 1

This time we explain the structure of pages in CS-Cart software for ecommerce website.

The structure of pages is called a page tree. The tree consists of a root page and its subpages. The root page is the basis of any page tree. This page contains links to other pages in a tree. In other words other pages will be attached to this page. It is also worth mentioning that subpages can have their own subpages and so on, and so on. The number of pages is unlimited so the tree can grow really big.

It is not necessary that every page would have content, some pages can contain only links to other pages of the best shopping cart software. These pages can be considered as the main branches of the tree.

But what about the content itself? The rules are simple—do not paste and copy from the Internet, do not repeat, do not talk about the Club… Oh, that is from different opera. Follow these rules and Google won’t send you to the second page of the search list. And as you all know nobody ever opens the second page.

By the way page positions in CS-Cart shopping cart creator can be tossed any way you see fit. Pages can provide not only useful information, pictures, and videos, but also serve as platforms for additional conversion. Simply place product blocks on these pages to increase sales. Also each tree page can have its own table of contents to navigate around articles.

This is how you can organize pages in your online web store builder by using a page tree.