Technical Support

The CS-Cart team will help you set the initial configuration of the store, remove any possible problems and assist your understanding of the functionality of a feature.

Technical support is provided in writing only in English or in Russian.

Each commercial license of our software includes free support credits. The quantity of credits depends on the product and whether the first or additional license is purchased.

CS-Cart Product First License Additional License Additional Storefront License
CS-Cart 50 credits 30 credits 30 credits
Multi-Vendor 100 credits 100 credits n/a

Issue-based support (credits)

Issue based support is a way of providing technical support when consultations of our technical support specialists are assessed in credits that are deducted from your credit account. Credits are used up depending on the work required to answer your question, resolve the issue and have no time limit.

Each request is assessed for its complexity and, based on this assessment, assigned to one of the following categories:

  • Explanation of setting up some standard CS-Cart functionality. General questions about setting up CS-Cart (not problems) - 5 credits;
  • Resolving problems caused by incorrect settings of CS-Cart functionality. Setting up some standard CS-Cart functionality. Consultations on CS-Cart architecture and basic customization - 10 credits;
  • Investigating problems caused by some server settings or/and modified files - 20 credits;

If you agree in advance with the possible assessment of your request (it can be specified when creating a ticket), our engineer answers your message, assigns the request to one of the three categories given above and the corresponding number of credits is deducted from your account.

In case you want to know the cost of the request beforehand, first our specialists assess its complexity. First category requests are answered without any confirmation from your side. But if the request is of the second or the third category, you will receive a notification of the category to which the request was assigned and the number of credits to be deducted. And the request is answered only after your confirmation of the assessment. In this instance, the total amount of time necessary to resolve your issue can be increased by the time required for assessment and confirmation.

If during the investigation we find out that the issue requires a more detailed analysis or some new facts emerge, we can change the category of the ticket. And the number of credits charged for this ticket will be changed accordingly.

Credits are charged for a whole ticket and only one issue is to be discussed in the ticket. If you ask a question that does not relate to the theme of the current ticket or relates to it indirectly, a technical support engineer will create a separate ticket for this question.

Technical support service is provided through the Customer Help Desk system. Please do not forward your requests to our support specialists by e-mail or via the contact us form on this website if you are a CS-Cart license owner.

If you want to know more about CS-Cart, but do not have the registered access to the Customer Help Desk system, please use the Contact Us form.

At the moment technical support is provided only during the day at GMT+4. Please remember this and the corresponding time difference, when sending a request to the technical support team.

Technical support service includes

  • Consultations on CS-Cart functionality
  • Assistance in configuring your CS-Cart
  • Resolving issues occurring during the software operation or issues that arise with functionality if they are not the result of your code changes
  • Performing minor and technically simple modifications of CS-Cart, which do not require complex actions

Technical support does not include the addition of new functions or changes to the standard functionality. In this case you can use our custom development service.

Error correction

We guarantee to correct all security bugs found in the original source code absolutely for free. Fixes for non-security bugs and errors are provided in further software releases only (you may need to renew your upgrade subscription).

Please note that this rule does not apply to errors arising from standard code modifications made by you or any third party. CS-Cart does not guarantee error recovery if there is no technical capability to correct it in this particular case (incompatible server settings, impossible remote access to server, etc.).

Service renewal

The following support credit packages are available for purchasing:

Number of credits Price
25 credits $45
50 credits $85
100 credits $165
200 credits $295

Note that the paid technical support applies to all licenses, no matter how many you have.

Additional assistance

We understand that CS-Cart is technically complex software in terms of the number of features, functions and modules it includes. That is why we have created detailed instructions on CS-Cart operation and configuration, documentation on the template system used in the software and descriptions of additional modules.

We have also created Community forums for the CS-Cart users, where online store owners can communicate, helping each other in questions of CS-Cart operation and anything related to ecommerce.

Registration on the forum is available only for registered CS-Cart users and presupposes the access to the Customer Help Desk system. Unregistered users can view many forums but can send messages only to the forum "Why CS-Cart?".

Please do not use CS-Cart forums or contact forms of this site in order to contact us if you are a registered CS-Cart user! Instead use our Customer Help Desk system.