Published: Dec 3, 2012 Last updated: Dec 3, 2012 Yan Kulakov

The Internet allows people to get in touch instantly, irrespective of their geographical location. The same magic it makes on the ecommerce market by helping businesses reach out their prospective clients all over the Globe in a matter of seconds. This is actually how the ecommerce market has started its incredible expansion. There are numerous advantages that ecommerce can offer over the traditional physical market, where the most significant perhaps are: the ability to buy and sell any product types without leaving the comfort of your own home or office and dramatically less time and financial investments required to set up an online marketplace, if compared to building or renting offline one.

The first and perhaps most crucial step towards running your own e-business is setting up a website with all necessary ecommerce functions and options - from online shopping carts to check out systems. Would you like to learn how to create your own online store with minimal hassles and investments involved? Only a few years ago this used to be a tedious and rather costly task requiring obviously professional assistance.

Luckily, today the whole process has changed dramatically with the appearance of multifunctional and still easy-to-use ecommerce software solutions that ensure a comprehensive web development experience even for users with basic technical background. They are also focused to serve as powerful and effective tools for handling multiple repetitive ecommerce tasks, like inventory management, product stock control, credit card processing, marketing and promotional campaigns, shipping methods, automated emailing and many others. Sounds interesting? Welcome to

Software Editions

We take special pride by offering you CS-Cart - one of the best software for online store creation available on the Web market today. It comes as an all-in-one, highly flexible and still cost-efficient solution for a wide range of ecommerce projects - from start-ups and small online stores to multi-department virtual shopping malls. Thus, depending on the size of your online venture and any specific website requirements, you can choose the one from three editions available: Professional (for small and mid-sized businesses), Ultimate (an advanced edition to manage multiple web stores in a single admin panel) or Multi-Vendor (for sophisticated ecommerce projects with multiple independent vendors or departments).

All CS-Cart Editions are built using the latest, proven open source technologies, including PHP scripting for your website ultimate performance, MySQL databases for convenient data storage, Smarty template engine and CSS-based web layouts for multiple customization opportunities and many others.