These days, any individual has a unique opportunity to become an entrepreneur and sell goods by using global network. Unfortunately, it is not the risk that is involved that pushes people away from this idea but in fact lack of knowledge of how it can be done. Technical questions are at the top of the agenda because people do not know how to link their virtual multi vendor store to merchants to collect money from customers, what a marketplace platform can be used as a base and how to design the ecommerce store that will enable them to trade. In addition, custom designed shopping mall software costs lots of money and individuals will have to wait a while until its finished, so almost everyone gives up right on the first stage when things might be conceived. It becomes apparent that this is a wrong approach as there is a ready-made solution that exists on the market today! This is a unique web market place store that will allow not only having your very own store but actually a huge multi vendor shopping mall.

Why is it so simple?

Simplicity is the key word of how Multi Vendor can be described! When a new business has to be started, people will have to deal with lots of things, which include: hiring personnel that deals with suppliers organize customer services, get people who deals with accounts, statistics, gets orders, handles payments etc. The ready-made ecommerce program is a reaction and solution to that! Instead of worrying of settling enormous payroll bill at the end of each month no matter whether your business is profitable or not you will need to hire the only one person who will be in charge of everything! An administrator will simply control the marketplace software, which does all the work for you. It is that simple! Moreover, the shopping mall script allows lots of other online vendors to join in and to sell lots of their staff too. It is going to be an eBay or Amazon alike, so that the range of products will be diversified attracting more customers, whereas you will receive commissions from each sale that other seller makes.

Why do you need this marketplace soft?

The multi vendor program is absolutely unique. There is no other ecommerce product like this that exists on the ecommerce market. It allows creating a place where not only you sell your goods but actually every other person who joins the virtual multi vendor mall will have its separate panel. At the same time, every virtual vendor has its separate mini web store, so that buyers can access it, view and buy goods directly from another person online shop. Vendors also able to view and analyses their accounts, balances receive sales reports and to get familiar with the stats. All the parties including vendors, suppliers and more importantly buyers will be able to understand each other online because twenty six built in translations will allow translating everything automatically starting from descriptions of the goods and finishing with live charts. It is the virtual multi vendor center that allows customers to get instant real-time and manual shipping calculations to be made, so that each customer will know exactly how much it is going to cost to make the delivery of the goods right to his doorsteps! Customers will also be allowed to rate online vendors by leaving comments and overall reviews of the vendor’s shops and services provided.

Online shopping mall application

Indeed, there are advantages and disadvantages of the Multi Vendor program. To be more objective let’s start with disadvantages. The only disadvantage that every analyst has noticed is that it will have to take some time for the administrator who will control everything to get to grips with the use of the platform. In the other hand it is normal, as if you were to opt to go and order a custom program which will take several months to be designed and tested; your employee will have to take course to know how to use it. In case with our online shopping mall application there will be even less time and comprehensive manual will allow to familiarize the administrator with the marketplace program on his own or with the help of our consultants. So, it is rather advantage than disadvantage, which bodies very well for virtually everyone who would like to start their own international online business. Bellow, we provide you all with the list of advantages that the software has:

  1. It constantly provides report as well as statistics for both you and each online vendor who joins in the multi vendor platform.
  2. The marketplace script enables you to act as an administrator or have several administrators if you want to because multiple level of access for admin will allow to do that!
  3. Each virtual vendor may receive a configurable vendor’s plan, so that improvements to his performance and revenues can be made and sales results increased at all times.
  4. Vendors can always rely on advanced order management system because it will automatically understand what is in demands and what is not and will notify the seller or if preset make the orders by itself.
  5. Each product gets its very own approval. The shopping mall system does it by itself or manually. If customers rate certain product badly, the seller will be notified for the future actions and will think whether to make purchase from suppliers in the future.
  6. Advanced payout system will benefit both sellers and you as the owner of the Multi Vendor program. All major methods of payments will be accepted. The marketplace software solution will collect payments on vendors behalf leave you the commissions from sales and make money transfer directly to a person who sold a product.
  7. The shopping mall script allows making instant translations in twenty six languages.
  8. Real-time shipping calculations will allow the buyers to find out how much it is going to cost to deliver purchased product to particular part of the world.
  9. Multi Vendor is a ready-made product, which has been tested to perfection.
  10. There is no need to apply for custom designed ecommerce program which will cost several times more than Multi Vendor.
  11. There is no need to have lots of people on the payroll but instead the only one administrator will handle everything.
  12. It is now available as application for mobile phones.
Why the best quality marketplace software will attract customers.

The quality of our best multi-vendor marketplace script is simply impeccable! It can offer every little thing that will attract customers from all over the world to your shopping mall! People are attracted to the places that are attractive and very easy to be used as well as the features, which contribute to functionality and flexibility will certainly contribute to that. When we say this we mean things like: built in translations, manual or real-time shipping calculations, opportunity to leave comments and feedbacks as well as to rate products. Finally people want use it just like an entertainment because the mobile application that has recently been launched will allow people to spend plenty of their time at the store watching and selecting the goods while being on the move or even when they are simply lying in bed! This is a unique and absolutely fantastic opportunity!

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