The service, which originated in San Francisco as a “startup”, captures the world and shows impressive financial results. Experts consider a unique positioning and high quality of services provided to be a secret of success.

The American service for online taxi booking set a high bar from the very start, calling itself the word "uber" proudly. It means “super” or “very”, in a broader sense - something very valuable. This name is fully consistent with the positioning of the company because Uber software is not just a taxi, but a business for hiring personal drivers who provide services of the highest quality with the best cars.

Clients of the service most often are businessmen and wealthy people who are accustomed to the high class in everything they use. Uber can be an excellent solution for comfortable trips to the airport, to an important meeting. Uber cars are able to decorate any important event in life. Car brands the service uses - Mercedes S-class, Maybach 62, Chrysler 300c, BMW 7-Series - are the most prestigious in the class. They make a significant contribution to the image of the passenger.

Advantages of Uber:

  • cars that provide taxi services within the framework of the service are not equipped with the checker pattern;
  • their drivers are as professional as possible, providing comfort and safety for passengers;
  • payment is carried out online via a bank card or via SMS, which ensures full transparency of payments;
  • fast car delivery;
  • good qualifications of drivers and technical condition of vehicles;
  • many useful functions (for example, the ability to share the cost of a trip among several passengers).
All the advantages of Uber software were first appreciated by residents of the States - even the pickiest users enjoyed these taxis. The excellent condition of the cars, their fast delivery, the ability to hire cars using a mobile application - all these factors made Uber the most popular service among its counterparts in the United States and among e-commerce entrepreneurs worldwide who look for Uber-like app development. E-commerce software providers offer a great number of white label Uber solutions.

How to start an app like Uber

If you are looking for Uber for x script let us define how Uber functions. Uber is a service that, through an application, connects partner drivers with customers.

Uber software functions very simply: in cities where Uber is represented, you can use the app to book a trip. Your order is sent to the nearest partner drivers. When a partner driver accepts your order, the application displays the estimated time of arrival of the car at the location you specified. The application will also send you a notification when the driver arrives.

So that you can quickly find your driver, after ordering a trip, the application of Uber software reports the driver's name, brand, model and license plate number of the car.

After landing, you must check the correctness of the destination in the application. If you have a preferred route, you should let the driver know. Your trip is considered complete upon arrival at your destination. The invoice is automatically generated and paid from your bank card added to your Uber account. You can also pay for travel in cash based on the amount specified in the driver's application at the end of the trip. Ask the driver to show the application screen to clarify the final cost of the trip for cash.

Immediately after completing the trip, the app will offer you and the driver to evaluate their experience on the trip. A two-way feedback system promotes respect and responsibility in the Uber community.

So when it comes to Uber source code be sure that you will definitely need these functions:

  • geolocation
  • online payments
  • reviews
  • mobile app

Why CS-Cart is one of the leaders in Uber-like app development

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is a readymade solution for starting a white label Uber application. It has all the functionality Uber for x script may need:

  • Powerful catalog management
  • Call requests
  • Customer-to-vendor communication
  • Comments and reviews
  • Vendor locations
  • Booking reservation system
  • Vendor subscription plans
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