The development of technology opens new perspectives and opportunities for both experienced business owners and newbies. Technologies especially influence eCommerce—new startups pop up almost every day, new business ideas are constantly generated, and thousands of ecommerce websites open monthly.

One of the latest trends in ecommerce technology—multi vendor marketplaces where independent sellers offer their goods and the marketplace itself is only a platform that does not own and store the products.

There are various kinds of marketplace models—product online malls, service marketplaces, booking portals. And all of them are ecommerce sites. In this article, we would like to tell you about one of such marketplaces—taxi booking service. This one is classified as a service virtual mall.

Any cab service website should synchronize its data with a mobile application for customers. For example, Uber—one of the top taxi services in the world—builds all the business around its mobile application for Android and iOS. Clients install the app, register there, and order taxi right in it.

This model seems to be so simple and effective that online businessmen start thinking about launching their own taxi booking service. And the first three questions they are searching the answers for are:

  1. Where to get a taxi booking software?
  2. How to make a taxi booking app?
  3. How much to build an app like Uber?
In the second part of this article, we’ll try to answer them.

Getting a taxi booking software

As we have already mentioned above, a cab service website is basically an ecommerce marketplace, where drivers are independent sellers, and riders are customers. So, to build your own Uber like site you’ll need a reliable marketplace software solution that supports:

  • multiple vendors
  • an effective payment distribution system
  • open source code
  • mobile application
The latter is a must because it is more convenient for customers to order a cab on the go via a mobile application than through a mobile browser on your main website.

For example, CS-Cart Multi-Vendor meets all the requirements for a taxi booking service. It is a professional ecommerce marketplace solution with over 500 features and a mobile application. It is easy to use and easy to install on your server. CS-Cart is self-hosted, which means you will have full control over your website. And it has an open source code, which allows you to modify the standard functionality the way you want.

How to make a taxi booking app?

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor has three editions and two of them ship with a free mobile application that is synchronized with your main website. In the Plus edition, the application’s source code is not accessible but you can pay extra $999 to unlock it. This way you will have uber clone source code at your disposal.

Once you have access to the app’s code, you can build any app on this base—modify its design, functions, and adapt it to your business perfectly.

If you don’t need access to source code and ready to use the application as is, a taxi booking software such as CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Plus will be enough for your project.

How much to build an app like Uber?

Let’s take CS-Cart Multi-Vendor for example. It has three editions, and two of them ship with a free mobile app.

Multi-Vendor Plus costs $3,500 and it has a free app without access to its source code. CS-Cart developers will build the application and upload it to the App Store and Google Play for you for free. If you need access to uber clone source code, you’ll have to pay extra $999. Anyway, this is much cheaper than developing an application from scratch.

Multi-Vendor Ultimate costs $7,500 and it has a free mobile application and free access to the source code.

You can try a demo application and test CS-Cart Multi-Vendor features in your personal free demo.

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