The rapid development of technology and the widespread digitalization have created on-demand economics: customers want to get services when they need it, and not spend time waiting. With the advent of new technologies, passenger transport business and food delivery services have become extremely prominent e-commerce niches. One of the first companies that keeps the leading position in the industry is Uber. The influence of the company was so great that it resulted in a new term “uberisation”. There is a tendency to characterize a car rental marketplace script as “Uber for X”. In marketing, there is a lex non scripta: the first company to appear in a certain sphere is always perceived by the customers as the leader. But it doesn’t mean that its followers who want to build an app like Uber cannot reach success. It is estimated that Uber has 110 million worldwide users, which is a 69.0% market share in the United States for passenger transport. As for food delivery, their market share is 25%. The global car rental industry is expected to grow by 14% in 2023. So various companies have a chance to compete with the leader in the industry. All they need is to find the right Uber clone script to launch their business. So how to start a company like Uber?

Uber's business model

It is built on the use of a digital platform to create value-added services by combining customers and service providers. When you create an Uber app it functions like this: the contractor finds a customer, bypassing one, and sometimes many intermediaries - it turns out cheaper, more convenient and faster. Strictly speaking, there is a mediator, but the only one - Uber or companies alike. Due to the economies of scale and the presence of several major players in the market, the service commission is low, and healthy market competition restrains appetite and stimulates the development and improvement of service quality. If you want to get your share in the on-demand e-commerce you should search for Uber-like open source software.

Why CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is one of the best solutions to build an app like Uber

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor has all features you may need to create Uber app:

  • Vendor locations function allows you to display a map with all the vendors in the chosen location, enable vendor filtering by distance from the customer's location, show nearby vendors on the marketplace homepage, and more features that are necessary for a rental marketplace script.
  • Booking reservation system. A special add-on helps to create and manage appointments/reservations online on your Multi-Vendor marketplace.
  • Customer-to-vendor communication. It helps to connect your customers with vendors so that the latter could answer the customer's questions about a car he or she wants to book. Also, customers can send a message to vendors right from the listing.
  • Call requests. When you create Uber app it’s really important to simplify the booking process for customers - let your vendors get incoming requests. When a customer clicks the call request button on a listing, a new order with the "Awaiting call" status is created for the vendor.
  • Vendor subscription plans. You can create subscription plans for vendors with different conditions and limitations. Apart from commissions, it allows you to take a monthly fee from vendors for listing their services in your marketplace. With subscription plans, commissions are pre-set for each plan, and a new vendor just picks the most suitable option.
  • Comments and reviews. Reviews are really important for any business that cares about its reputation. Customer reviews help vendors get fair credit and earn good image in customers' opinion. Reviews influence vendors' and thus your income directly. CS-Cart Uber clone script offers the feedback and review system with an interactive star rating. Customers can comment and rate vendors, listings, categories, and more.

  • So if you have enough information on how to start a company like Uber have a look at CS-Cart Uber-like open source software and try CS-Cart Multi-Vendor free demo.

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