When Uber was founded in 2009, it totally changed the taxicab industry and the way people take transports. Using Uber to move around the city is fun, convenient, and cheap. Generally speaking, Uber is a transportation service, a taxi if you want. But it’s not a taxi in the usual sense because the company doesn’t have any taxi depo and it doesn’t own cars. Anyone can become a driver, even you if you have a car. That’s how Uber works.

Uber is now valued more than $72 billion since its inception in 2009. It showed an unbelievable boost in recent years and attracted the attention of businessmen. Entrepreneurs started to design an app like Uber, and search for uber-like software to create their own Uber type websites.

And thanks to the popularization of the marketplace model (and Uber is a true eCommerce marketplace that sells services), many uber scripts appeared in the last few years. You can easily find now a lot of SaaS uber-like software as well as hosted uber clone open source solutions.

If you’re one of those businessmen who understand how great the future of ecommerce marketplaces will be, you probably want to start your own Uber-like company and wondering how to build an uber app. Congratulations, you’re supporting the “uberisation” phenomenon, which is really great.

What “Uberisation” is and how to start your Uber for X on an uber script

Uber uses a unique business model: customers send ride requests via a mobile app or a website and the company redirects the requests to drivers that are in the system and using their own cars. By working this way, the company avoids collaborations with third-party taxi depots and other organizations, which results in huge cost savings.

Uberisation is not about cars and rides—it’s about the convenience for customers and efficiency for your business. So, you can start any Uber for X company on uber like software—Uber for food, Uber for babysitting, Uber for whatnot. This what Uberisation is.

When uberizing your business, you will definitely need to design an app like uber in addition to your website. The mobile app matters in this case because your Uber for X must be mobile friendly and accessible from portable devices on the go.

That’s why before starting your uber type business make sure your uber clone open source solution has a mobile app as well, so that you don’t think about how to build an uber app from scratch and spend tons of extra money on it.

What’s the best uber clone script?

There is no “best” uber like software. There’s an uber script that perfectly suits for your business. So, you need to choose the solution thoroughly: make sure it is user-friendly, has all the necessary features, supports multiple vendors, and has a separate native mobile application.

How to design an app like uber and a website with CS-Cart Multi-Vendor?

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is uber like software that you can use to uberize your business. It is a professional online marketplace solution with over 500 ecommerce features, pre-built design, and multiple vendors support. But these are not the coolest things. Multi-Vendor has must-have functions that make it probably the best uber clone script:

  • Automatic payment distribution system. Automate the money flow in your uber type marketplace by using built-in Stripe Connect or PayPal for Marketplaces.
  • Mobile application for iOS and Android. The application synchronizes with your website and pulls data from it. Customers can use your marketplace on the go.
  • Vendor geolocation. This function shows vendors on the map, indicates the distance from a customer, and helps to filter vendors by distance.
  • Customer to vendor communication. Your customers will be able to directly contact vendors and discuss orders with them.
  • Separate responsive vendor storefront and backend. Your vendors have their own micro stores and separate control panels.
  • Vendor plans. Offer your vendors monthly plans with a fixed fee and/or commissions (both percent and absolute value), a limited set of features, and so on.
Check out CS-Cart Multi-Vendor free demo and see for yourself if this uber like software suits your business. In an online demo, you will have 15 days for testing. You can also download the CS Cart Multi Vendor installation package and try the software for 30 days for free.

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