Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platform for Electronics

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is a perfect solution
for electronics marketplaces
While traditional brick and mortar electronics stores are losing customers now, Amazon generated $41 billion from electronics sales in 2018 becoming the market leader. The second place went to Apple with $26 billion.

We keep our finger on the pulse to know the latest trends of the electronics eCommerce market—be sure that we offer the best solutions for selling electronics online.
A flexible filter management system allows you to create an unlimited number of product filters for your catalog.

Choosing electronics can become a real challenge if you're not familiar with the latest devices and technologies. A simple smartphone can have over 30 features! Product filters can greatly help customers find the right device in your catalog in no time.

Some people prefer electronic devices from certain brands. By setting up a filter by brand, you can save your customers' time and they will return to purchase more from you.
Common products for vendors
Create a common product base and allow your vendors to sell these products only. This way you will keep your catalog uniform and clean and avoid duplicates.

Have you ever bought electronics on Amazon? We bet you have. You should have noticed that there are a lot of sellers on Amazon selling the same device models. On Amazon, all the similar products are grouped together not to overload the catalog. You can do the same in your marketplace.

Are you selling certain electronic brands only? No problem—create a common product base of these brands and allow the sellers to sell these products only.
Comments and reviews
Motivate your customers to rate and review products and vendors—this will help other customers make the right choice.

Customer reviews of electronic products is a must in any eCommerce store and especially in a marketplace with hundreds of sellers and thousands of products. Electronic devices are not considered cheap products. So, customers need to know about the quality of a device and its pitfalls. Real user reviews can help new customers understand the quality of a product.

Also, user reviews influence your marketplace's trustworthiness in a good way.
8 shipping carries
and customer pick up
Offer your customers the most convenient delivery options—dozens of shipping services from 8 world's most popular carriers are already built-in.

Electronics often need special packaging and extra care when it's being delivered. You should carefully choose carriers for electronics delivery.

Fortunately, CS-Cart Multi-Vendor integrates with 8 most popular carriers with dozens of shipping options. You will definitely find the right one for your products and region.
Create product variations based on product features and manage each variation as a separate product—set individual prices, availability, and others.

Product variations help your vendors show and offer more options for customers. It also greatly facilitates the catalog management.

For example, you're selling a new smartphone model. It has 5 colors and 3 variants of memory capacity. Some have NFC and some not. Instead of creating a separate product for every feature combination, input all the features and generate smartphone variations with all the possible feature combinations in one click.
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