As long as tax rates differ widely across geographic areas, it is important to have a flexible tax rate system in your store. With CS-Cart, you will have the ability to set any tax rate of your choice. CS-Cart shopping cart software already supports VAT (European and American), Australian GST, Canadian PST/GST/HST and many other tax systems.

Taxes can be charged as a fixed amount or a percentage and are automatically applied to the order total at checkout. The software enables you to define different tax rates for different destinations (location zones), which is especially useful for stores dealing with customers from all over the world.

Taxes can be applied both to shipping methods and store products. If there is only one tax defined for the store, it can be applied to all the products in one click. In case you need multiple taxes for various kinds of products, these levels can be easily created and applied to certain products.

The system can be configured to display taxes at checkout as well as on product pages. In this case, both the regular price and the price with taxes will be shown at once.

tax rates calculation

Figure 1. Display of price including taxes

automatic tax support

Figure 2. Taxes at the checkout

online tax calculation

Figure 3. Tax detail page in the CS-Cart admin panel