Published: Jul 25, 2019 Last updated: Feb 21, 2022 Yan Kulakov
When your car breaks, do you repair it yourself? 80% of people entrust such kind of tasks to professionals. And thanks to the web technologies, one can easily find and hire a qualified specialist for almost any task in a couple of clicks on the Internet.

Household services are especially popular because you need a qualified electrician to fix electric sockets, a plumbing specialist to fix a leaking water pipe, a joiner to fix a window frame, etc. And today, you can quickly hire these specialists on a service marketplace. Businesses like TaskRabbit, HomeAdvisor, and others allow you to find a worker for almost any job in minutes, trouble-free.

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Why create a TaskRabbit app clone?

People always have something to be fixed in their houses. Plumbing, household devices, furniture, electricity issues, and so on. And we don’t even mention furniture assembling, heavy lifting, moving, and other similar services. And people want qualified professionals for these jobs.

As we mentioned above, there are plenty of service-focused online malls out there. HomeAdvisor and TaskRabbit are the biggest ones. And there are lots of smaller TaskRabbit like apps. And if you look at the statistics, you’ll see how profitable a service marketplace can be.

For example, HomeAdvisor, one of the biggest household service marketplaces, gets a $300,000,000+ annual revenue and 5,000,000+ unique users monthly. Can you even imagine?

Home service marketplaces are becoming a usual way to get help with fixing something at home or moving to another place. With businesses like TaskRabbit, a consumer doesn’t have to search for a long time for a professional electrician and arrange the meeting. The guy is a couple of clicks away.

The household services industry is growing very well. For example, the floor covering segment is expected to grow by 5% by 2024. HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) will grow 14% and plumbing—12% by 2024. Other segments show similar growth. So, it’s high time to create your own TaskRabbit clone app and start selling services.

How to create an app like TaskRabbit on CS-Cart Multi-Vendor?

So, what is TaskRabbit exactly? It’s an eCommerce marketplace like eBay or Amazon but only selling services. Just like Amazon, TaskRabbit has vendors who are actually taskers (the ones you hire for the job). So, to open businesses like TaskRabbit, you need to build a multi vendor website on a special TaskRabbit app clone.

There are a lot of TaskRabbit like apps on the web but many of them are not well-balanced in terms of price and functionality. One of the best is CS-Cart Multi-Vendor—a multi seller marketplace solution with the best price/efficiency ratio.

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is a professional online mall software that is developed for building virtual marketplaces of products and services. Rich functionality for a reasonable price is one of its advantages.

Let’s see what CS-Cart features you will need to build a successful ecommerce mall of services:

  • Unlimited number of service providers. On your TaskRabbit-like marketplace, you can have thousands of vendors—service providers. Each of them will have a separate storefront and backend.
  • Vendor management tools. You can set up automatic payouts, alter commissions depending on a service category, block vendor panels until they pay their debts to you, offer vendors subscription plans with different conditions, and more.
  • A mobile application for iOS and Android. Offer your customers the best mobile shopping experience with an application for iOS and Android.
  • Over 70 built-in payment methods. Offer your customers the most convenient ways to pay for services. PayPal,, Apple Pay, Google Pay, eWay, and other popular payment methods are already built-in to CS-Cart Multi-Vendor TaskRabbit clone script.
  • Flexible theme and layout editors. You can customize the look and feel of your service mall and arrange the content on pages through visual editors—a single line of code will not be modified.
  • Built-in marketing and SEO tools. CS-Cart Multi-Vendor features a pack of powerful marketing tools to attract customers and vendors: promotions with different bonuses, a reward point system, VIP user groups with special privileges, and more. SEO tools are also available out of the box: human-readable URLs, 301 redirects, robots.txt, sitemap, Google rich snippets, meta tags, and more.
If you’re still wondering how to create an app like TaskRabbit, request a free personal CS-Cart Multi-Vendor demo and check the solution yourself. Test all the features for 15 days and make sure the software fits your business model.

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