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Absolute Web Services, the official CS-Cart Partner, has created several high-value, unique experiences on CS-Cart for organizations seeking growth. CS-Cart development is the optimal solution for business owners who require extended features and the development of custom functionality to fit their business model. Let our architects help you arrive at an effective online store plan that fits your businesses requirements.

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Multi-Vendor System

Absolute Web Services team is well versed with Multi-Vendor: A standalone eCommerce software that allows vendors to create an online marketplace and sell their products through a single storefront. A Multi-Vendor marketplace can have unlimited vendors. To become a vendor in a Multi-Vendor shopping mall, a candidate must fill out an application, get admin’s approval, and start showcasing the products on a common storefront. The Absolute Web Services Team has created several successful projects utilizing Muli-Vendor and have received nothing but positive feedback from clients. Here we’ll cover all the steps of creating a project, describing it clearly, and preparing an optimal quotation. You will have an individual project manager to assist you throughout all stages of creating a marketplace.

From Installation to Upgrades

It’s not enough to simply build a CS-Cart based website. Great ecommerce websites require upgrades, UI/UX improvements, and security-related modifications to meet ever-evolving Ecommerce best practices. Our developers are trained to assure your CS-Cart site is keeps up with online ecommerce trends.

Third-party Systems

Integrating third-party tools into your CS-Cart store can increase efficiency in a number of ways such as streamlining the shipping process, updating your inventory, and managing your payment services. Our team of developers are experts in performing virtually any third-party integrations no matter how complex. We perform these integrations cleanly to keep your ecommerce system robust and flexible enough for future upgrades.

CS-Cart Customization

You have a vision for your business that is based both on your current needs and future goals. Our CS-Cart programming team can build the tools to help you realize that vision. Our expertise ranges from small upgrades such as improvements to the admin panel to larger upgrades such as complicated redesigns.

Shipping Options

No ecommerce business is identical in their shipping needs; this makes out-of-the-box solutions less than ideal for your business. By discovering more about your business processes, our development team can build an integrated Shipping Module that simplifies this process for both you and your customer.

Payment Methods

Selecting the optimal payment gateway for your ecommerce website can be a daunting task; particularly when there are about 80 to choose from with CS-Cart. Our strategy is to learn the in’s and out’s of your business and how your customers transact. We use this data to create (or improve) your payment system to one that is tailored for your needs.

Design and Development

Our team at Absolute Web Services can work with existing designs or create one from scratch - whichever suits your needs best. Simply providing us with a PSD file of your chosen design is enough to get started or if you’re looking for a design created by a UI/UX expert, our team is experienced in creating designs that maximize the user’s experience to promote conversion rates. Our process includes building and testing your new store on a development server allowing you to continue business as usual while we work “behind the scenes.”

For 20 years, Absolute Web Services has created solutions for our clients using cutting-edge technology and innovative marketing strategies marketing. We’ve grown alongside the digital economy and over the decades, we have seen what’s worked and what’s failed to produce results. We pride ourselves in turning our clients’ ideas into reality and giving them a unique advantage over their competition. We are passionate about our work and helping you meet your goals is what drives us.

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Types of Projects

Our Miami-based web design and development team at Absolute Web Services is dedicated to creating dynamic online stores using CS-Cart design. We build online stores from the ground up offering all the tools necessary to start or improve an online business. Our expert design team offers the following types of CS-Cart development projects:

A ground-up build based on the
CS-Cart platform

Multi-Shop system to integrate
multiple stores into one admin panel

A completely customized store
based on individual specifications

Multi-Vendor system that offers
one storefront with different sellers

Integration of a T-Shirt design or
Product Design tool

Implementation of a wide range
of eCommerce tools for CS-Cart

Recent Web Stores


Collareta Cycling

Fundraising for a Cause

Diva Boutique

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Absolute Web Services proudly boasts expert-level experience in building Ecommerce websites running on CS-Cart Platform. CS-Cart development is the optimal solution for business owners who require extended features and the development of custom functionality to fit their business model. If you’re in need of an online store built-from-scratch, Absolute Web Services possesses the expertise to create a CS-Cart solution that meet your tailored needs.